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Ec120, What Do We Need To Know?

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would like to do that as well, pw 200-907E, what a monster, with good spares and support. some other ideas:


- carbon fibre the entire cabin, with a chrome moly frame work built in to add some roll over protection.


- install the ec-130 tailboom on the 350 for law enforcement


- carbon fibre the sliding door, with a complete new track system, actually were already going down that path, hai 2007?


just requires money and time!

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From the San bernadino Sheriff's Department:


The sheriff's current primary helicopters, American Eurocopter EC120s, are not able to adequately handle the tasks required of them in San Bernardino County, officials said.


"We've been operating (the EC120s), but we've found them lacking in power," said Lt. Tom Hornsby, of the Sheriff's Aviation Division.


The Sheriff's Department's plan for replacing the fleet calls for purchasing three Eurocopter AS350 B3 helicopters, at a cost of $2.6 million per helicopter, during the 2004-05 fiscal year and another three helicopters during 2005-06, according to county reports.


The Board of Supervisors already approved the purchase of two helicopters with contingencies and with the cost of the third helicopter to be covered by revenue from the sale of the current fleet, according to county reports. However, a recommendation before the board to authorize the purchase at Tuesday's meeting was postponed until Feb. 1.


Hot summer air can steal power from the engines of the EC120s, and they are limited at performing rescues in rough terrain and mountainous areas, Hornsby said. They are also unable to carry extra passengers beyond the helicopter's crew, he said.


In addition to the four EC120s, the Sheriff's Department's Aviation Division also operates a Sikorsky H3, a McDonnell Douglas 500 and a McDonnell Douglas 600N. All seven will be sold to help cover the costs of the purchase, according to county reports.


The AS350s that the Sheriff's Department wants are common in Europe's Alpine areas. They have the extra power needed in mountainous areas and during high temperatures, Hornsby said. They can also carry three to four rescue personnel with their supplies in addition to the on-board crew.


The AS350s are also equipped with fire buckets for an initial attack during fire season and have an external hoist for dropping rescue and fire personnel in inaccessible areas, Hornsby said.


"Those are a couple of missions that we can't even think about doing with the EC120s," Hornsby said.



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albert: your post has to be put into perspective, add


- sx-16 nightsun (commonly known as "flying garbage can")

- sx-16 mount and j-box

- flir 7500, mount and ecu

- full radio package

- flir / moving map screen

- mp5 or similar, plus ammo

- crew bags 2X50lbs +

- lojack and associated hardware

- antennas that make an RC-12 jealous


now take all that out, then see what the ship will do. no argument, 120 not up to san bern's requirement, hence b3's

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Someone told me the other day you have to look at the EC-120 as a direct replacement for a 206B.


The upside is:


- easier to fly (lower pilot workload)

- faster

- more pax friendly (no view obstructing pillar)

- more cargo space


On the down side:


- more expensive to buy

- more expensive to operate

- lots of fragile plastics and composites that break easily in a bush environment

- easier to over-gross due to all the extra cargo space


People make the mistake of thinking this aircraft can do so much more. If used within its capacities, I'm told its a charm to fly and work with.

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