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Ec120, What Do We Need To Know?

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Nice recovery Hurler.




Thanks Egg!


I really have no clue what the guy is talking about.


I did take the liberty to copy his comments off to the SBSD, and got back a very nice letter for a Lt. Thanking me for the heads up. Generally when you have a company that is run by a morons , the result tends to find it's own way.


In addition to this being a long time sustaininmg donor of the CPC delegate to the mergar of the Alliance and PC parties, I have also contacted nesseary contacts.


Wonder what air head will write back.


Don't be angry egg!



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I'm waiting ! Bring it on!


And we will see who is laughing in the end! Then again Heli twerp could call the privy council office on his own accord. Oh he doesn't have the #.


Before one starts a fight and tries to be the smart guy its always beneficial to be sure Who you are dealing with.


Like I said




Care to give it a go egg!

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Guest Bullet Remington

What the heck is going on?? Anybody know? Is there a Full Moon this month or what?


Sure seems to be a heck of alot of condescending and negative statements, posted to solicit enfantile bickering and negative postings.


Ah, never mind, I just took a couple of my daughter's Midol, I'll feel better in a short time!! :blink:


Comon, Folks, can't find something good to say, don't say anything!! There's only room here for one idjit, and I don't need the freakin competion!! :stupid:

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Oh, not personal, must a buch of absolute idiots be capable of such a thing.


The next comment directed directly at me will have longterm negative percussions form Delario and his clan.


Go ahead make my day!


Of course these jackasses, non of whom have any real political conexions , but seem to be big talkers will be put in thier place, and guess what there is nothing they can do about it.


I am patiently waiting for a snide comment just like the one the made directed to the SBSD.




give it a go!

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