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Former Alpine Base Manager(hinton)

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If memory serves, Bob Southworth is nicely retired and I do believe living in Kelowna. In fact, I'd be willing to bet that if you give old Bob Price a call, he'll still know where to find Mr. Southworth.


Speaking of which, does anyone know if Price is still in Hinton??? If he is, I think it's only cuz he's looking to beat Southworth's record for the longest stay in Hinton/Edson by an Alpine staffer!!!

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407 Driver, your correct Priceless is just down the road from me. He visits with Southworth every once in awhile I believe.

Price is a good man and one of the best AME's out there. The only words of advice I have for the young guys coming up that end up working beside him is when he says lets go to my place for a few drinks, you better get him to define the word few for you :blink: . 3 years on the Hinton base was time well spent.

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