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Bell Motel

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How many of you have had the opportunity to stay at the Bell or Astar Motel? I found that the French accomodations are far superior to the American one as you can sleep 2 comfortably as the Bell, room 206 is somewhat cramped. Tell us about your experiences. In my career I had the Bell once and the Astar twice with my engineer. I slept quite well but he didn't like my snoaring. It wasn't as constant as the whine of the turbine. :unsure:

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One night in the Bell Hotel? How long have you been flying?

No more than 1 hour from decent accommodations?

Are you flying I.F.R. or what?

No disrespect intended but a lot of places I fly are more than 1 hour away from anything but the Bell Hotel(If the you know what happens).

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I remember very well snoozing in room 204 or 212 after the first drop after lunch in the bugs and waking to the sound of a group of 11 hikers,all faces pressed against the window and all I hear is "He's sleeping, wow the pilot's sleeping" They just didn't realize the stress and fatigue involved during a day in the bugs in the summer.

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Had some of the best sleeps and accomodations in the "Bell Hotel". Did it many times and didn't feel "put upon" at all. That's why I carry the following in a 205:

1) canvas fold-up chair with drink holder on the arm.


2) Screened-on-all-4 sides tent for you-know-who to do you-know what and not being eaten alive at 1AM by you-know-what.


3) air mattresses for inside for the two most important people onsite.


4) overhead emergency lights THAT work or are MADE to work before "cast-off".


5) inverter for listening to "Tunes" while working and/or reading before closing eyelids.


6) Clothes-hangar wire makes the toaster for the tail-pipe and something similar for the steak on the same place. Add a tin of beans with holes punched in top and you eat "First Class" at all times. Considering the cool-down temps of the tail-pipe, you don't wait long for that homemade meal at all. Done that more times than I can remember. CAUTION: ALWAYS remember to punch holes in top of tins of beans placed on tailpipe. If not, expect verbal hysterectomy from partner carrying 18" crescent wrench and levitating about 3" off the ground.


Hotel? I've seen and had the choice many times of so-called "Hotels" in the "Great White North" and chose the one I manage......"The Bell Hotel".........because the accomodations were very MUCH better.


I've been "burned" too often with crappy sandwiches, meals and accomodations and learned quickly to depend on others for those basics as little as possible. Eliminates the bitching also. :lol::lol:

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