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Animated Training Material


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Hi folks !


I'm looking for any animated training material that I could use for groundschool. A lot of the stuff I have is a little dated. I'm looking for stuff that might show things like the Coriolis effect, coning, engine combustion process (piston and turbine), etc. etc. I have some old (circa '60's and '70's ) wind tunnel videos and such, but as I said, some of this stuff is so old and cheesy it's almost embarrasing to use... :mellow:

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We had a coriollis one in my gs, as well as some other stuff that could pertain to helicopters as well as planks. Come to think of it, it wasnt an animation, just a scan straight outta from the ground up.



Getting into instructing now skidz? Or just a groundschool.


Cole B)

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I run a New Media company and was wondering how much interest there is for animated material. I'm also looking to start training in May (in the US) as a CFII. Change of career!


Is this something people would pay for? It would be available on DVD and the Net. I've only seen the Sporty's stuff - which is fairly basic.


Just a thought at the moment...

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I think if you sold the animation to someone making a new video as a ground school aid you might have a hit. There are a lot of people these days who know squat about engines... turbines especially. Could do a bunch of animations to help visualize what makes helicopters fly. Things like Coriolis, Bernoulli's Law, Gyroscopic Precession, Rotor Head assembly, etc.

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