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Garmin 296 Mounting In A Medium

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Try a search for RAM Mounts. I found that the 3 1/4 inch suction cup works the best. It has a little twist knob on the base that vacuum seals the base to the window, dash-board or whatever. Try GPSCentral.com out of Calgary they should be able to hook you up. The whole set-up may run you aprox. $60.



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Anyone know if someone manufacture's a mouning system for mounting a Garmin 296 in a Bell medium? Seen lots of them out there mounted on the windshield center post. Are these all made in house, or can you buy one premade?



R.A.M mounts are good but get the sucktion cup with out the lock as the rubber on the locking one is a harder rubber and in the sun will become out of shape

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I wouldnt go with the suction cup there is a better way to mount it on the center post, Get a mount from RAM and form yourself a piece of Aluminum to fit the center post and mount it using the screws on the center post. Then at Least from each side of the machine you can swivel it weather you are on the left or right side, I have been using this way for that last year.

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