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Starting to get everything inline for the new year and noticed my PDM course expires soon. Tried the Transport Canada website but couldn't find any info. They were talking a while back about having independant contractors do the courses. Did this happen? If it did go independant who do you use? Any help would be appreciated.


cheap tuesdays

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Forgive me for being way out of touch with aviation in Canada.


Are you guys now required to take courses in how to think by TC?


Thank God I no longer have to work in such an environment where you are given a license and then can't use it to earn a living unless you take courses in how to think.


I wonder how I ever survived without one of those courses?


Rev C.W.

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I don't doubt his experience but he has to realize not every pilot has made it to his experience level. I'm sure some of their misfotunes may have been avoided if they were aware of the chain of events that caused them. All i'm saying is that it is important that pilots be introverted and realize how they are thinking and i beleive this course teaches them to take a step back and think about what is happening. if it manages to save one persons life. All the paperwork is worth it!

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" Charles you are exactly the type of people we are glad to have out the Canadian helicopter industry. You obviously know everything already, so you are right the course wouldn't do someone like yourself any good. "


Klipper I understand your reaction and would just like to alay any fear you have of me corrupting your world of aviation in Canada.


I work and fly overseas and quite frankly they have an even more regulated by morons enviorment than you do in Canada, but with your help and without mine you are soon going to be just as handcuffed by rules and regulations for the sake of rules and regulations as Europe.


By the way I was consulted by one of the largest PDM schools in Europe to give my input into PDM that they were rewriting as part of the "NEW" PDM pablum that is being spoon fed to the poor unfortunates in Europe.


It was my decision to remove myself from the "new" one size fits all mentality that churns out the pablum that is fed to the masses in aviation.


It is my opinion based on experience that when you take a semi moron and give him a course in how to think you have an semi moron who has sat through a course in how to think and not much really changes.


However I do not balme you for feeling resentment against someone like me who is not one of the boys.


Chuck E.

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I would not think that I am alone in this but as dry and as (sometimes) silly the PDM courses are they do offer some insight on how we analze and prevent accidents and incidents. Yes, TC forces this down our throat but I persaonally get some good info each time I do it. As Ops Manager & Chief Pilot for my company it is at times invaluable when sitting a customer down and explaining why their pushy behaviour is more than just being rude.

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