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Cool Pic Ng Limited

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NICE paint job NG, RED is definitely YOUR color ! :up:


Is that ALJ ?


Hey 407D,

Yes that is ALJ. She is a good ship!


Jay Flight,

Believe it or not there is a ski basket on the right side of the helicopter, you can just see the top of it. The guides were getting a **** of a work out trying to walk around the front of the 212 every time chest deep in snow. I wish I had a photo of that!


Here is a pic of ALJ up in the alpine before it started to dump snow.


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I can remember doing the same thing on low skid gear and hoping there was no stump were I was sticking the nose.




Blackmac I know what you mean.


The L3 pictured is on low gear and there has been many sites that I have refused to land at due to poor snow coverage and KNOWN stumps and pointy things just under the snow's surface. The spot in the first photo is a regular landing for the 212, I just happened to be there first after the last dump of snow.


Damage to the belly is certainly a risk when operating in deep snow in the mountains. No matter how many precautions you take there is always the possibility of a nasty surprise waiting for you upon landing.




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