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Unionize The Whole Damm Industry


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The sample size of the poll is more than adequate to indicate how the population of helicopter pilots feel about unions. The only question is the legitimacy of the sample. If anything, it is likely to underestimate the pro-union contingent.


Perfect Track, take my advice and get a book from the library on statistics. There are many good ones available. If you do not learn something about the subject, you may be in for a rude surprise one day.

My experience is that the discontent amongst pilots and engineers has been simmering for decades. The pot is approaching the boil. I seem to recall that no-one ever thought any sort of union would form. Well, guess what?


Some years ago in the States, a union of airline pilots agreed to take substantial wage cuts in order to save the company. It worked. The company survived and the wages were subsequently increased.


Unions are good. They can help. They are democratic institutions. The laws of Canada guarentee that employees can form them if the support for them exists.


Somewhere else in the Forum someone complained that if a union succeeded with a vote of 51%, then the rights of 49% would be trampled. Well, if the the non-union forces prevailed with a vote of 51% would this someone agree that 49% of others rights would be trampled? No. It would then be a case of democracy in action.

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Mr. Moore


I agree with you statement on Stats. Unfortunately with this group for the most part you may as well be talking chinese. I remember my U stats class and it was brutal I think I got a 62 on the bell curve, wierdly enough I got a 82 in 1,2,3 calculus.


Perfect track is probably an owner/manager who's mission has now become to try to play down the whole matter, as for elvis , well we will be hard pressed to get more than one sentence from this participant or any real input or discussion.

Both of course are entitled to their opinions :o .


I don't know if you noticed or not , but recently there was a tread on Hayes that was removed due to comments that sought to undermine a participant of this industry (deserved or not) it's a violation of a persons rights and could be considered liable. This type of abuse and bullying, back room alienation of individuals goes on in this industry all the time , infact if you are singled out and publically flogged as happens often it can have a negative effect on ones career, which brings me to my point. In this case you are considered for the what has become known as the "cull" . To become a cull victim all you need do is speak out against any issue that goes agianst the grain of the " shut up and do your job" mentality. Of course this has nothing to do with being an unsafe pilot or ones ability to do ones job, it has everything to do with having an opinion that goes against the grain. ( another good reason for a union to protect the outspoken employee) :up:


For the most part pilots and engineers are " afraid " to speak up for fear of reprocussions and with good cause, as this is the precident that has been set and it is widley known. If you have an opinion that challenges the norm or owners club (HAC) or your own boss gets wind its bye bye and you will be branded as a troublemaker or " not worth hiring". What this has to do with flying the helicopter safely and smiling at the customer, frankly I am mystified! :wacko:


30 % of those polled who spoke out as you have stated in your previous post is a very strong indication that there is discontent with probably a number of issues. :up:


It would be nice to think that in the democracy we live all would speak up, but unfortunately mental subversion is the letter of the law, in the Helicopter VFR market, as for the IFR market it's slowly making gains towards looking out for the needs and rights of the employee. I am optomistic for the future! :up:



H ;)

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FYI Hurler the individual at Hayes that was being discussed in the Hayes thread was the "Aviation Manager" and would probably not been a union member if a helicopter union existed. If Hayes is like every other union logging outfit on the west coast, there is no union protection at that level. They chose to change the coach instead the team.

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Right You are! But can you imagine that if the rights of individuals at the management level are spewed all over the net, imagine what happens at the lowly employe level of pilot/enginer.


The requirement for a union to protect the rights of the individual employee are needed.


H ;)

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I will be holding a prayer meeting on March 01/06 for all the underprivelaged and dehumanized members of the aviation community.


Please send your cash gifts to support this ministry to Reverend Chas W. president and founder of RCWB your best choice of union and salvation all in one.


By the way I will send you a tax receipt for supporting this humaniterian cause...


...me I don't have to pay taxes as it falls under relegion.


Rev C.W.

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