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Unionize The Whole Damm Industry


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If you have an opinion that challenges the norm or owners club (HAC) or your own boss gets wind its bye bye and you will be branded as a troublemaker or " not worth hiring".


You know, as long as you can "put up", I usually find you can "speak up".


If you want to tell the boss how to run his company,you might end up going down the road. But if you have something to say about conditions, and it comes from a good background and work ethic, why would you get fired?


I've never been fired or threathened to be fired for saying anything. But I learned long ago that the boss is the boss and I work for him, not the other way around.


Pull you head out and have a look around. If it is that bad where you are, get out. There are better places, many of them...

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The guys at CHL have no choice but to look to a union. Its now a company run by bean counters who have no idea what its like in the bush and on the road. Besides they are too top heavy, the folks who do all the work and take all the risks get the worst treatment, while office assistants and money wasters get the glory.

Having said that, I am not pro union. I think its a last resort of the beaten soul.

:punk: B)

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Hey Hurler, maybe you need some therapy to help you accept the fact that if no one wants to hire you, and you can't keep a job with any operator, mayby it's because YOU are the problem. Only a f*** up and a moron ends up in a situation like that. There is no black list, just plenty of idiots that can't keep a job but can't accept the fact that they are imbeciles.

You should spend some money on a good psychiatrist, he/she may be able to help..... ;)

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Hurler, I have to head back over to Europe the second week in March.


Would you be interested in my annointing you as a disciple of mine and put you in charge of collecting tithes, offerings and of course union dues for RCWB?


Take a breath here from your union only vision and look at mine, just do the math Hurler the more pilots we convert the more tithe we collect and 10% of their gross pay soon adds up.


The best part is it is legal and we never have to worry about any of our brethern returning from the dead to sue us for fraud.


There you go tiger get that one in your teeth and get back to me.....


You have potential with your stick to it mentality.


Reverend C.W. ( RCWB )

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Give your head a shake Redog, the reason we're picking on Hurler has nothing to do with his pro union stance, it's because he's been going on and on about how the whole industry is abusive and indiferent to its employees and how all the operators somehow got together and blackballed him from getting a job. Any halfwit with a pea brain understands that this is impossible and that the only way you can't get a job in this business is because you're a total f***up. Sooner or later the guy has to come out of his coma and accept the fact that he is where he is because of him and no one else, and stop blaming the rest of the world for his lack of a grasp on reality.


Anyone who's followed this forum for the last year or so knows I'm all for debating the pros and cons of a union or anything else but don't expect to spew some nonsense and not expect to get called on it!

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