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Unionize The Whole Damm Industry



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Hurler: There are numerous people that have been down this road before.


An assocciation was proposed without enough takers, everybody figures they can look after themselves, they do not need representation.


So, be realistic and state how the $%&** you propose to get the whole industry unionized.


If you are going to make broad assed statements kindly back it up with a few facts or retract the post.


Thanks, Don

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Unions suck, they protect those who are to useless to survive in a free market society. You work hard you go places and make your own deals. Unions prevent this and why the **** would I want to give more of my pay cheque to another form or bureaucracy. If you don't like where you work do something about it and find something else. Boo Friging Hoo! :up:

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I keep hearing about the union making the wages go up, what if the rate they come up with means that your wage goes down??? Unions are across the board. Are you going to be able to deal with that? How about when they decide the number of employees to keep on year around and the ones that are to be layed off because the numbers say this is the most efficienct way to run things. I experienced this first hand with a construction company and you can have your union, it's not for me.

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1. Better job security. thumbup.gif
That's true, can't get rid of the dead weight.


1.5 Higher Wages (getting paid for the risk). thumbup.gif


My wife works in the HEU (Government) union and last go around they took a pay cut.


It's more risky driving to work each day.


2. A dispute mechanism between management and employees. thumbup.gif
Never been in a union but at my wife's place of work, it doesn't always work well.


3. Wage considerations and increases that are guaged directly with inflation and the cost of living. thumbup.gif


Sure, none of the unions have ever had a pay freeze, oh wait, teachers, government, etc...


4. As one poster stated there will be some who could get forced out due to the requirement to pay highre wages, culling the operators will driver rates up! unsure.gif
If wages are forced up, who insures tha rates will be up as well? If wages go up, and rates don't, that ='s layoffs..


5. No more dismissals based on non safety issues. shock.gif


See # 1




Unions suck, they protect those who are to useless to survive in a free market society.


Bang! Square on the nail head.



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You are very welcome Mr. Jetbox.


It is important in the democracy we live in to allow a forum for such discussions, on the ouset there is a big spread. I will bet that given the time the figures will close more tightly, so let's see where the numbers sit a month from now. It would be hasty to suggest that with only 36 responses to date a conclusion can be drawn.


You are welcome regardless! :rolleyes:



Blackmack, from a functional perspective I do not intend to unionize the entire industry. What I do intend is to get a basis overview of where things are going. You should also be very aware that every year TC recieves many complaints (labour related) that they have to refer to the " not our juristiction exuse".There is data on this and I have asked the government for the stats. There are other federally regulated industrys that have been unionized. I will leave the rest to your imagination for now.! ;)



H ;)

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Guest Angry Egg Driver

"Blackmack, from a functional perspective I do not intend to unionize the entire industry"


So Hurler if "you" don't intend on unionizing the entire industry what part are "you" planning to unionize?


Sounds like you have your work cut out for yourself.Maybe it will lead to a full time job and you won't have to deal with all the bad employers in the business.Highly unlikely.I have a feeling if you were to push the union crap to far that you would really have a hard time finding any work in this business.

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