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No More Ppcs For Some


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This exemption applies to an air operator who wishes to permit a PIC to act as a flight crew member on a VFR flight and a PIC who wishes to act as a flight crew member on a VFR flight without comleting a pilot proficiency check for one of the single engined helicopters operated by the air operator when carring 9 or less persons not including flight crew members.


For more details check out the HAC site for this latest news.


Fly safe all and have a great day Mini..........

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Oops, still figuring out all these buttons. I'm not sure I follow you.


"Who is liable when they bend their own?"


Are you saying TC has bent an a/c doing a PPC on themselves? I hadn't heard about that. All I was saying is that TC check pilots have been involved in incidents while doing check rides on pilots in their compay machines. I've always heard criticisms of a system that allows that to happen.


I don't agree with doing away with the PPC, I think any pilot that's faced with an annual pass or fail scenario will take the books a little more seriously. We may not like it but the idea should be to keep the standards up.


Whether or not TC had been involved in a few PPC prangs should be beside the point, the price of high standards lets say (and a lot easier to say if it's not my bucks). Assuming this is actually the reason for doing away with the PPC I think it's a shame that legality is getting in the way of good industry standards.



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