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HAC - April 6-8

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Heli-Ops: Here''s a hint Mate -  the sheep don''t run away of you speak to them in soft, comforting tones.


412 - even if you didn''t get to see my photo all the time, I''d still be easy to find - I''m the one in the bar with all the women around him. They might be the Saltspring Island Over-60 Bowlers, but they''re still women!!

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Hey Vert Mag, you bet I''ll stop by and say hello!   We have a booth there too, unfortunately the people I work for registered waaaaay too late and we''ve been strategically place in the hallway/lobby gawd knows where   .  Sorry you can''t make it to the Beaver, but I may run into you Sat.  as that day is a freebee for me as well.  Nose to the grind starts Sun.  See ya then 

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Hey Biggles,


Make sure your posse drop around to see us at our booth. We''ll be there with flying colours. Sorry, can''t make your beer call. We don''t arrive until Saturday. I''ll be staying until the following Thursday to try and get some stories on what''s happening around the Vancouver area.



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HAC''s prelim gathering is at the Beav, Apr 4th at 19H00, and I''m told to ask for Barney''s bunch.  See you there folks! 


Hey, not that this has anything to do with anything but, the Biggs flew again today, first time in a couple years, WAS GREAT!!!  

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