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HAC - April 6-8

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OMFG, they made the wee one a moderator....jpshakehead.gif


I don''t envy you PJ - I had to down a couple stiff belys of the creature to work up the nerve to go for dinner last night.


Saw 4961 here, but he went AWOL yesterday. Me thinks he''s been led astray...silly.gif

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Led astray, ya I guess that you could say that. Did the dinner thing with the boss, should have gone for pints with the lads, regrets. Managed to get to the Old Baylif (sp?) to drag you all to the Cecil, but couldn''t fnd anyone.

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Probably wouldn''t have done much good to find me anyway, from what I''ve been told I couldn''t find my ar$e with both hands by the end of the evening. Then again, at least my phone etiquette is better than your''s....


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Oh man, I should never be let out of the cage. All the stories will come out, but not all at once. I couldn''t stand it. I''m expecting a transport audit to come out of it, at the least. Regrets, I have a few

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Biggs had a good time at the HAC.  BUT, before CTD frigs it all up by saying that I walked into a chair (and of all places, in front of him!!!)while discussing bizness, I thought I would go first. 


Now, Flying Beaver was fun and all thanks to the Acro/BCIT bunch.  Golf game: well, let see, one group led by an incredibly talented scotch drinkin collegue, decided to play the game from inside the club house (after the 5th hole!).  Need I say more!!


All in all, it was a good convention and I must say that Mr & Mrs Vertical Mag. blew me away with their incredible talent, passion and enthusiasm.  I wish you both the very best!!


Next year this convention will be held in YOW, hope to see some new faces there (the old ones too!!!)

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4961 - you can expect the auditors in late August or early Sept. They''ll be arriving on a silver BMW R1150GS.


Smooth move Bigs. Bloody chairs, always in the way huh?


As Mr. Downwash stated on another thread, afternoon beers were on me in the lounge, but there''s more to the story.... When the waiter came over to get paid, downwash said "I''ll get it" and spent the next 20 minutes looking for his wallet, during which the waiter fell asleep. I was eventually forced to pay when the waiter said he was going off shift, and downwash was still fishing through his Dockers, mumbling something about not having any money left after buying his shiny new shoes.


Nice shoes, though!


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