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HAC - April 6-8

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Thanks for the compliment CTD, I paid close attn to your smooth moves, you taught me well.  Quick example, how you suavely placed your dinner plate in one spot at the golf dinner table, and then sat down a couple places away!  But, its how you distinguishly slipped over to the place in front of the plate! Now, that was smooth!!! 


AND, yes, them blasted chairs, wish people would leave them where they were! Come to think of it, twasn''t only the chairs that were in the way!!!!  

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Yikes, I forgot about that one. Stupid empty chair. You have to remember, I just spent a large day on the links, and was tired....cheesy.gif


412 - spent last Thursday in XX at Chinook and ConAir, before heading to Victoria. We''ll definitely be stopping by in Aug/Sept, as I''d be shot if I didn''t drink some of Squeaky''s scotch.

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Hey Biggles!


Great to finally meet you! Mrs. Vertical and I had a fantastic time at the show - met a lot of new friends and renewed some old acquaintances that thought I got out of the biz.


We recieved lots of great feedback, and better yet, lots of great ideas were passed on as to what people would like to see. Even CTD had a few good ideas!


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