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Flight Pay


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Now Now, take a deep breath! Nobody expects you to work for free, you can read can't you?

It's because of that kind of attitude that you will never be truly successfull in this business. Just the fact that you expect to be paid the same as a 20 year veteran raises a huge red flag in my opinion.

A newly licensed engineer is comparable to a 400-600 hr pilot. By your rationale, a 600 hr pilot should make the same as a 6000 hr pilot! If you can't understand why this makes no sense then good luck with your career my friend!

By the way, experience brings wisdom, and wisdom saves money, and that's why experience is worth more money. The only reason I'm giving you a hard time with this is because I was as ignorant and cocky (a lot more actually) as you are at that time in my career. All I'm sayin' is concentrate on becoming a truly excellent engineer and within a couple years, you won't have to worry how much money you're making cause it will be lots!


jetbox, here's the post you replied to


"i never said getting my license is going to make me a whiz at maintenance, i never said i had nothing more to learn, and i'm not worrying about how much money i'm going to make but i want a fair wage and i have no idea what other people are making. as for contractors i know some places where everyone that works there is a contractor including the apprentices........like the kings head says if i'm taking on as much responsibility as someone with years of experience why should i work for #### all........"


i dont think you understand what i'm saying, i dont anywhere say that i should be paid the same as someone with 20 years experience, i just what to know what a fair salary/flight pay wage would be, i'm definietly not ignorant and cocky, i bet your one of those guys that worked for #### all for years.


read blackmac's post, he's got some good points for you


as for 269 thanks for the post, those numbers are somewhere around what i was thinking

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Alright MD500, let me make this as simple and clear as possible!


To answer you question, a first year engineer, in my opinion, these days makes about 45k to 60k a year depending on location and type of work. Does that answer your question? As far as "what a fair wage should be", we're all underpaid accross the board but the numbers are what they are and there's not much we can do about it. (except start an association, are you interested?)


Second, the point I'm trying to make is simply that you should try and spend at least another year or two working alongside experienced engineers (if at all possible) because the knowledge you will gain will make you a far better engineer in the long run (assuming you're not working alongside a bunch of idiots, and this forum is proof that there are plenty of those out there!). I'm not saying you will be useless if you go out on your own now, I just think you might miss out on some valuable experience.

i bet your one of those guys that worked for #### all for years.
Not sure why you would say that? I was paid the same as the average employee at that time if that means anything.


What gives you the right to come out with a finite salary

Blackmac, I'm just basing my numbers on the current payscales that I am aware of.


If you have 20yr AME working in the bush his base salary should be the governing factor and most companies in there right mind would put this person in a multi machine operation as a supervisor.


A first year AME should be sent out on a one machine operation with a relatively experienced bush pilot the first time around, unless of course he had bush time as an apprentice.

What about small companies that don't do bush work?? What if they already have a few experienced guys? What gives you the right to decide how operators should manage their crews? There are too many scenarios out there to fit in one formula


don't try and save a buck by underpaying the people that are responsible for making and saving you money in the long run.

This is exactly what I was trying to say in my earlier post! What are you bitching at me for???


There's a reason why exerienced guys make more money, it's because (in theory) the knowledge and skill they have gain with that experience saves the operator way more money than he would save by underpaying and having mediocre employees.


I think we're on the same page, not sure what all the arguing is about!

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Once again, where did you get the idea that I work for free? Not that it's any of your business but I make well over $85000/year. Any other stupid assumptions you wanna make?


:down: Dumbass!


Why don't you give us an example where a company did not "stand up and support you in the court of law when there balls and their livelyhood is on the line."



Dumbass! :down:

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Guest Bullet Remington


Ah, comon Jetbox, open up a bit. You can express your feeling a little better, I'm sure!! :P


Tell us all how ya really feel about the Kingsbutt's post! :down:


Comon now you can do it!! :up:


I'd really like to know how you feel about his position!! :P:P

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Unlike you Jetbox I don't spend 24/7 looking on this forum, I have a life! Sounds like you would have lost sleep over this one last night, settle down.


I am not going down your stupid road, your entitled to what you believe. I know in most cases a company will not take your defence.


Finally the people in this industry are STARTING to begin to understand that we have rights just like any other industry including Pilots, Engineers and Apprentices. There are labour laws in place for all working poeple. Working extra time or in the bush means more money! Time to PAY UP!!


Thanks for your comments BOY! (BR)

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