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Flight Pay


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"I would really like to see a company or operator stand up and support you in the court of law when there balls and their livelyhood is on the line."



I have first hand experience with a lawsuit and the company did stand up for me, and the best part, I was no longer working for them at the time. who knew they could be such great guys. They could have easily dragged me through the mud in my absence, but when you've covered the bases (ie everything done by the book), nobody can steal away your integrity. Not even an #### lawyer with dollar signs in his eyes.

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Guest Bullet Remington



No problem. But to be honest with ya, I should have shown some restraint. <_<


Where I come from there's an old saying to the effect, "God loves kids and fools." And I'll leave it at that. I'm sure you can get my drift! :P

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Guest Bullet Remington



Of course there's laws here. But ya really think they'll do ya any good? Why not take a read through :


The Employment Equity Act, (Federal) Canada Labour Code (Federal) , Alberta Labour Code or whatever province you work in, they'll have a Labour code as well, then there's the Fair Wages for Hours wWorked Act, and the old standby, the Human Rights Act.


Have a look and tell me where it says the employer HAS to pay you or anybody for Bush work, isolation pay, etc, etc. You get what you are smart enough to get and/or can negoiate with the employer.


The only thing the employer is DICTATED to pay you is "pay in-lieu of notice, and/or if you are a full time employee, a severance package. And in all truth, good luck trying to get it. And if ya don't good luck trying to get it from an employer. The onus of proof is upon the employee, not the employer.


So in essence, the laws aren't worth th paper thy're written on. Unless of course you have really deep pockets, abd you don't If you did, you wouldn't be in this business!!


And BOY? Boy?? Was that stretch for ya? Lookit, if you're lookin for a Battle of Wits, you might want to get some ammunition! Cause right now it looks like you're operating with SFB! <_<

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What gives you the right to come out with a finite salary. If you have 20yr AME working in the bush his base salary should be the governing factor and most companies in there right mind would put this person in a multi machine operation as a supervisor.


A first year AME should be sent out on a one machine operation with a relatively experienced bush pilot the first time around, unless of course he had bush time as an apprentice.


As far as maintaining the helicopter his responsibility is the same as the experienced AME. In my experience low time pilots and first year AME'S are similar in one aspect, the responsibility for the helicopter is paramount. If you are going to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on machinery, don't try and save a buck by underpaying the people that are responsible for making and saving you money in the long run.


The normal way to cost the hourly rate of a helicopter is 10% of it's cost, anybody with basic addition and without a rocket science education can figure that out.


Doesn't say much for the operators in this industry.


Can you tell me why a car mechanic makes more than the average AME with no lawsuit hanging over his head if he f##ks up.?????


It's not the individuals that are to blame, but the gutless industry that will not raise tarriff's to were they should be.


Please to not come back with the usual answer that if the tarriff's are to high some clients will quit using helicopters. They are the cheap skates that cause all the problems and laugh all the way to the bank.



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I am not going to get into this about the flight pay issue and all, I would like to comment however on the fact that operators now are making 20% more on there aircraft due to the change in the dollar. two years ago the canbuck was .62 us now it is .90. since most dealings in aviation are in us dollars where is the extra cash? Not in my pocket i can tell you that.

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I've been following this post from day one. i have read and agree with a lot of the points made by various posters. that said, i have to say, that a license doesn't equate to knowedge or experience.


an employer, as a rule, will gladly pay a good wage for good people. A newly licensed engineer is an un-known. He has a license, but not a proven track-record. an in-experienced engineer can cost a lot of money in poor judgement, bad performance and lack of knowedge.


I say that you earn what you are worth. Until you show what you can do to save a company money or show that you understand the difference between serviceable and not......because its a pretty grey area sometimes, your lack of experience is subject to your performance.


i've worked with some licensed engineers that were barely qualified, with no experience, and some that were highly experienced, but still didn't measure up. Its all relative. a simple license doesn't make you qualified. So i agree with Jetbox. You will earn your wage by performance.

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