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Phone Booth Bases

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407 too ------ you really break me up with that comment :lol: . After they took the "walls" down at the Edmonton Inn I remember how large that parlour was and they had those booths with the padded seats like a restaurant. Six guys could sit down, all throw (Oh God, here we go again) a $2 bill down on the table and have that table COMPLETELY filled-up with Draft glasses. What a great time to be poor and like a cold beer :lol: . Nowadays, $20 for the evening for beer makes it a real early evening for thee. In '68 that $20 would have had me "plastered" long before "closing time" :lol: .


I digress guys........sorry about that........could not resist. :D

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Frequent Flyer ---------that's the "exception"......not the "norm". I can get "two-fingers" all the hard liquor I want at the local Legion during "Happy Hour", which runs for TWO hours each night.......but that ain't "normal" either in these parts. So there'll be no sound of a 540 churning it's way towards Hinton, AB nor the re-appearance of the $2 bill in those parts either.

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