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Unions? An Example...

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Taken from CBC. http://www.cbc.ca/story/canada/national/20...tion060126.html


Canada's top court has given the country's human rights commission the go-ahead to investigate whether flight attendants should be paid the same as pilots and airline mechanics.


The case involving Air Canada employees dates back 15 years.


The commission had never analyzed pay rates because the dispute got hung up on the legal question of whether flight attendants, who are mostly women, and pilots and mechanics, who are mostly men, worked in the same "establishment."


The top court has now concluded that they do, clearing the way for the commission to start its investigation.


The Canadian Union of Public Employees began the case in 1991, arguing that the airline discriminated because it paid attendants differently "for what it argued was equally valuable work performed by mechanical personnel and pilots."


Air Canada held that the three groups should be treated separately in legal terms because they worked in different establishments. The human rights commission agreed, but two court cases followed, which delivered split decisions.


Air Canada appealed to the top court and lost. Now, the Supreme Court has ruled that the three groups do work in the same establishment.


With that preliminary question resolved, Section 11 of the Canadian Human Rights Act comes into play.


The section says it is discriminatory for an employer to pay different wages to male and female employees in the same "establishment" who are performing work of equal value.


In rejecting Air Canada's appeal, which partly rested on the different union contracts covering the three groups, the court said "to use those differences as barriers to wage comparisons would thwart the very purpose of Section 11."



Is this good for the company?? Is good for all the employees??? You decide...

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The simple defense is to look at the female pilots/engineers T4. is there really any difference in pay among the profession un question?

I don't think so or we would have heard about it before. We all realize how loudly we whine.

This is clearly a difference in renumeration for a job that requires more training as well as (for a lack of better words) a lengthy apprenticship, we never walked off the street, hired and trained for the position.

Not to offend anyone, do you reallt think a receptionist at your local clinic, should be paid as much as the doctor?

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Well if some FOOL wants to spell the "death knell" of commercial airline, passenger-carrying airlines in Canada, then they now have the receipe for doing so. I never heard anything so idiotic is my entire life. IF the various unions feel that they have accomplished something with that ruling, then time will prove how desparately wrong they are and "Maxtorc" you said it best with your last sentence.The world is ruled by lawyers, insurance companies and idiots.

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Now lets compare apples to apples. I am pretty sure that if one of the lads or lassies in the back fell ill the capitan or first officer could always go back and serve a little tea or coffee. Maybe even hand out a meal or two. Now lets switch roles and see if the same goes. Do they honestly think that a Hosty could do an ILS approach into YVR. Or change the bleed valve on one of those spanky GE Engines. I know its an extreme example but to even suggest that these guys are on the same playing field is a bit of a joke. The moral to the story is.....Unions? No thanks.

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