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Unions? An Example...

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Blackmac ------ really? I also once saw a donkey and a lady doing a stage act in Tijuana, Mexico.........BUT that wasn't normal either.



Perfect Track -----may I suggest that in these "uncertain times" that we live in, should the occasion ever take place that you use a communal shower with other males, it would be an excellent idea to have your back to a wall should you drop the soap.

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Perfect Track -------the wiring in both my home and myself is completely AC. You answered without thinking the first time and it seems that you've done it again. My wife is also AC, but talks the same way and provides barrels of laughter, so don't feel badly. :lol:

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I'm totally AC. Those wearing "pink flight suits" are totally AC and if you try to join AC to DC you have one mother of a huge arc of flame with regards yours truly. I've worked with those supposedly "confused people" wearing "pink flight suits" when they were AC AND after they converted to DC............so "Yes".......they were 150% clear on THAT, both BEFORE and AFTER. :lol:

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Yes.....consider that a DISTINCT "typo". I'm from the generation when AC meant the wiring in the house, DC meant the batteries in the flashlight and 1/8th a closet was for you....maybe less......the rest was for the wife, some people lived in very small houses, but nobody lived in a closet or anything that small.....and therefore didn't "come out" of one. Times change and I now hold closet doors open for a moment in case there's someone in there and they want to come out. I understand that some of the people in closets are gay, but I do not understand how you could be happy in that small of a space for any length of time and I'm told that some poor suckers have been in closets for years. I'd be "slightly different" too if I lived in a closet for years.

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Cap you are definitly a piece of work


the work of anciant masters of the craft, honing out the fine example of the phylisophical(sp?) man that presents himself to us here with all of his wsidom :D



I know this won't happen but, don't ever change. it's too much fun reading your posts :up:

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