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Unions? An Example...

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Just to stir the pot a little - I recently found out that, in France, your licence is issued by the pilot's union! now there's food for thought......


With all due respect A.R., I wouldn't use France as an example to promote unions. As a matter of fact, France is a perfect example of unions bringing a country's economy and prosperity to a painfull halt.

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You will like this jetbox.... I was checking into a Air France flight last year at Pearson when after I was checked in the agent ( by Her accent a France import) will you please take your bag to the other belt as this one here is "on strike "pointing to the belt behind her.

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I know a couple of very experienced pilots who tried to break into the North Sea enviroment, all those BMWs and Porsches in the pilot parking lots leaves one wondering "why not?", and discovered one interesting point that I found strange;


You can come to their door with the proper licences, 9000 hours IFR twins, 4000 on type, tons of actual, all PIC, tons of offshore, yet because of the union, you'll still be under a 200 hour guy they hired two months previous fresh out of school. It's all time in the company/union despite previous experience. I keep hearing about serious pilot shortages in the North Sea, with many experienced Captains at retirement age, yet I've never heard of an experienced Canadian breaking into their market because of union restraints.

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No problems JB! When I'm in a rush I don't always express myself that clearly (single malt is my excuse) :)


Yes, there is a seniority thing in the North Sea, though the prejudice is applied fairly across the board. Having the JAA licence (and the visa) is the most important. In the same vein, I turned up at CHL in Toronto in a similar position, that is, a Canadian licence, 7000 hours, time on type, etc - I was exempt the IR training because I already had a UK one, so all they had to do was include the IR test in the PPC, which they had to do anyway.


Given that if 6 guys with IRs had turned up that moment they'd have been hired on the spot, I though it very strange when they told me to shove off.



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John Moore --------Albert Ross isn't on any "list of culls" I can assure you and he's not a geologist. He is however, on a "list of people who you would do well to pay heed to" with regards R/W aviation. Take note also: Albert Ross CANNOT walk-on-water", so he has some failings I'm afraid.


1) I'm CAP.


2) I'm a pilot.


3) I'm 61 years.



#1, #2, #3 plus $1.75 will get me a "double-double" at Tim Horton's.......a bit more if I want a "Smoothie".

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