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Unions? An Example...

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If you seriously want operators to live up to the Federal Labour Code, then strongly consider signing a Union Card. The OPEIU will be glad to help, as they are with the CHL EMS pilots and thousands of pilots in the U.S. PM me for contact information and assistence.


Most of the customers YOU fly in the Oil and Gas Sector ARE Unionized, THEY may start insisting that they are flown by Union Pilots.

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No, it's fear not a reward for not joining. The engineers have been petted and stroked to keep them from joining, we all know it. They probably will still join if approached. All this is happening in an effort to fend off another Union, that's it that's all. Put any spin you want on this, but the bottom line is CHL doesn't want more Union representation.

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i was thinking it was because of a shortage of qualified people. Need to sweeten the pot to attract some more talent. but go ahead, put your spin on it too, we'll all get dizzy trying to point fingers.

So you guys ready to lay out your problems for us, so we can relate to your issue. The longer you hold out the more we think it's about (add personal slant)

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