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A Sweet Alpine 212 Video

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Thanks for the feedback gang.


Yes I do agree that you have to be careful around clients with cameras.


Expidited turn to final... In a production atmosphere your whole day is expidited.

Does that mean you do anything unsafe, absolutely not!


The descent is with a minimum of 15% T and not allowing any overspeed.


The turn in question is on a very windy day, (hence the higher ground speed down wind) the left yaw is to keep the group in sight as long as possible.(I have had clients cross the landing pad at the last moment for various stupid reasons).


The tail low sink rate... yeah maybe I suck a little bit. that was sloppy.


This video showing up on the net is a good eye opener for all of us.


204B thanks for the advice, with your experience, I do appreciate it.


As for the intrepid aviator comment.... BITE ME !




Jiggler...maybe you should remove your head from your **s when you fly..then all the kids out there would not get the wrong idea of how to do things!! LMAO


Oh a question for you.....do you have any idea how to get the bubbles out of a jacuzzi tub?





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HAWK grounded, whats the deal man.


PLINK, don't make me share the flexisexual story with everyone here dude.


Decu, you're right man, maybe I'm just over sensitive these days because my nuts are sore.


Besides I do my best work with my head up my arse!



Flexisexual???? OH BOY


Hey..do you drive home every night now? lol

How is life treatin ya down in Spireland?


Things are pretty tight at the old homestead up the trench!

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