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No tail, just blowing air!!!!!

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Oh yea of the one flying without the benefit of hydraulics.


Your idea has merit, allthough the engineering required on a conventional tail rotored machine would be astranomical. The concept of thrust would be better applied to the Notar concept.


No disrespect intended, just apply a little theory of flight.


P.S Fly helicopters with power stearing only.



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The NOTAR uses a combination of technologies to create anti-torque.


The primary thrust is created by air through a nozzle at the end of the tail. This has the same effect as a tail rotor - pushing air against the direction of rotation to counter the torque. In most helicopters the fan that creates this thrust is at the end of the tail boom, in the form of a traditional tail rotor or Fenestron. In the NOTAR, the fan is mounted inside the boom, in the intracostal area where tail boom attaches the main fuselage section. The pressure it creates is ejected through a nozzle at the end.


The NOTAR also takes advantage of the Coanda Effect created when the main rotor downwash flows past the tail boom. The shape of the boom creates an attraction to the airflow, and thus anti-torque force.


The fan is driven by the same drivetrain that powers the tail rotor in thr traditional Hughes or MD products, so the answer to your second question is 'YES'. You still have yaw control with no hamster.


Oops. Just read Mag's explanation. Now you have it twice.

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CTD, wasn''t there one of the earlier ''compounds'' that had the swivelling tail rotor that provided pusher thrust, or was it a more recent drawing board venture? Oops! Maybe I''m just picturing the Lockheed Cheyenne with its tail rotor BESIDE its pusher propellor. Sexy idea, anyway, but, like the Cheyenne and the tilt-rotor, it would probably take much more than your average pilot to fly it.

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