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Flight Test Thurs.


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Well it is looking like this Thurs is the big day. I am freaking out!! I have been doing flight test review for awhile now but am super nervous. I keep thinking about not making my spot during my forced approach, finding a slope to land on, forgetting the numbers while flying under instruments etc...


When you did your flight test what did you screw up on and what helped you out. I need any tips you can give!!


My examiner is a transport Canada guy from NFLD, (if your reading this take it easy on me :blink: )


I am planing on doing my written near the end of this month provided I get all my studying done.


Thanks Dan

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Ok, so I havent done my RW test yet, or any TC tests for that matter. So take this for what it is, advice that isnt from experience.


Most tests are 90% in your head and 10% what you are actually doing. I have read so many tips and tricks to this I almost know more about it then flying its self.


Do the test as if you you are flying someone who is not judging you, but learning from you. Explain everything you are doing and perform it like its rutine.


Mistakes are ok, correct for them. In doing so the examiner actually sees you know how. Make sure you recognize verbally your mistake, as they will take this into account.


The lead up to the flying on the ground is a good place to beef up your mark. You will be asked questions about the aircraft, flying, all sorts of stuff... Again, if you dont know, dont be afraid to say "I dont know" but try and follow this up with "but I can tell you where to look it up" This shows that you know what documents are good for what.


If you need more, I have a few pages in the back of my books on the flight test... Like have it all planned out... You arent allowed to bring a ruler along in your flight test but you can figure other stuff off in referance (my pencil holder is 9 knts, and so many degrees on your Protractor is so many knts...) same thing can go for written. oh what else... well I guess the best tip is be well prepared... if you can, find your route and possible divert points, the more you do in advance the less pressure you will be under.


Cole :punk:

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First off STOP freaking out......it will not help. :P


Having been both a instructor and a DFTE I will tell you this;


Your current instructor will not let you do the ride if he/she feels you are not ready. You have your ride scheduled so you are obviously ready.


Good luck and have fun.


BTW........while walking to the aircraft it never hurts to drop a few 100 dollar bills on the ground :shock: :up:

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WHO TOLD YOU!!!! Bahahaha, that is also in my books lol.


that is a very big BIG point... that and if your school has an in house DFTE, see if you cant go for a ride with him/her for an hour just to see what you need to improve on.


I know this is helping me lots with my FW, I always give priority to what the DFTE is saying... Then I know its not a bad thing.


Cole :punk:

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When i had my pre-flight test with my instructors, something would always go not so good. For some reason when the big show came up, i was gold. Best advise......take your time, good slow, it's not a race, and talk to the examiner. That's what i did when the big day happened. The guy was ok, so i was more comfortable with him in the helicopter. Best of all...........have fun. Good luck Norm!!!

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Best advice I could give is to relax. Your Instructor would never allow you to go if he/she didn't feel confident in your skills and abilities. You know the numbers....you can make the spot....remember your the pilot! Be aware though of the Transport guy wanting you to perform moves that are not permitted. I remember the transport guy wanting me to go high speed low level in between the trees over a small stream. A quick no and explaining the height velocity envelope solved the problem. Goodluck, keep us posted.

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When I did my ride Norm I made sure I had a couple good sets of underwear on :P:P Just kiddin Good luck, T.C in B.C were great Very helpful. It was one of the busiest days at the airport when we went so he was very tolerant when it came to hitting the numbers in the autos. There was a couple of 212s in the circut aswell. Anyway again good luck to ya :punk:

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