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Satelite Tracking Requirements (forestry)

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She is very nice...but that voice...non stop in stereo...it makes for a very long day! God bless the Satelite tracker! I actually used it all summer down south...it is slick..and they do not use it to check your flight tickets against actual flight time ;o) Not yet anyway...but I am sure it is coming. Personally I like the idea of someone knowing where to look for me!


I imagine the ones that are not to excited about it are those that pad their times. :unsure:



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:shock: No more free rides for locals?... I didnt know that was an option? Someone clue me in as to how im supposed to get one of these free rides?


BTW, the box seems like a good idea to me. I would want someonw to know where to find me in the eveent of an emergency.


Cole B)

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That'll be very nice. It'll make me feel as though I'm at home and make me feel all "comfie like". I've been "kept-track-of" now for decades anyway, so "same old, same old" for me. Bring'er on. Truckers have had the same "we know when you are stopping for coffee" thing for a long time, so no big deal and long over-due.

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