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Satelite Tracking Requirements (forestry)

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I love the idea of these little boxes. If the intented purpose is for tracking "in the unlikely event of an emergency" wait time on the ground for passenger and crew could be seriously minimized. Half hour check ins are good but what if the call was made and minutes later the emergency happens? Then you have to look back to the last call, call the A/C, what ever time it takes to decide the machine is missing, get your radius, dispatch an A/C in the suspected area to look for a small now assumed inanimate object on the forest floor. That takes alot of time for the people on the ground who aren't suppose to leave the machine because that assumed inanimate object is even easier to spot then guys on the ground. (maybe aircrew should where those alberta forestry yellow suits that are easier to spot really. . kidding, nother post but throwing out ideas) But also, from a previous First Aid attendents view, your spine shouldn't move around after hitting the ground at 10 Gs either. So The faster the "chicken lady" knows where the A/C is, the better. Its seems like a safety thing more then a tattle tail of correct times. Who lies about times anyway?


Now cost is a subject but technology advances and I gladly move with it. (I love my mp3 player!)


Just my .02 cents!! :D

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Skid, I have had some truely great experiences, but it seems that the crappy ones stick out the most, especially when dealing with the burocracy driven by what I call " whinning promotion". The Sask forestry dept that I had the dubious priveledge of working for throught the 90's is definbately a group of self propelled advantage takers that will trash who they can to get a promotion.


I didn't have the same experience in BC and Alberta where the guys seem less inclined to trash the pilot for little nuances. In these province the working environment was favorable.


I hope this answers you question.


H ;)

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Maybe this will help regarding "Automated Flight Following"




Anyone have one of these devices that meet the AFF Specifcation?


Or even better, some evaluation on the product(s)?


I have done some research and basically we should be looking at a device on the GlobalStar or Iridum network??


Also, I have seen the same product (with sat voice capabilities) range from $5,000.00 to $10,000.00? I really need to know what the $10,000.00 option is giving me more?????? It sure would be nice if they posted what aircraft they have STC's for!!!

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If you want to work for the BC or AB forest service for fighting fires, you need to have one of these devices installed before 2008.


I think we should share our findings when researching these products.

(price per unit, satellite transmission costs, stc's available)



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we have installed the Blue Sky Network sat traking kit on our machines.

blue sky network


It is great, it uses burst tranmissions wich you pay for in a pakage (by the number you you think you will use) you can also setup a certin number of automatic text messages that the pilot can transmit by the push of a button.It is also a sat phone (option). The whole thing is web based so you just need a password and you can monitor the aircraft . It will tell you altitude, groundspeed, GPS location Ect. Another feature is you can superimpose(?) the flight on google earth.






bubba :up:

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