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New School?


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Hello everyone,


One of my students told me about the talk on, Vertical regarding, Premier Helicopter Training. So I thought I would stop by and check it out. I'm somewhat pleasantly suprised. To whom ever said all the nice things, thanks.


There is some confusion regarding my 47 G4. The G4 is a fast, big, powerful machine. A gross weight of 2950 lbs, useful load of 1050 lbs, cruises at 85 MPH, and I regularly land at 6,000 ft. Full fuel, two seats, and 300 lbs on a 100 ft line. A large heavy helicopter feels different than a small under-powered one. Cyclic and collective are hydrolicly boosted. This is a real machine, capable of going to work. With so much of the area above 3,000 ft., the G4 opens it all up and allows me to show so much more. Experience is about seeing new thing, the G4 is not so confining, therefor you see more situations.


The concept of flight training is to learn to fly a helicopter with proper technique, not one particular make. The 47 has long been known as the perfered training machine, the G4 allows me as an instructor to introduce many weight and load configurations. Every time you fly, it will have a diferent weight. Teaching the student to evaluate every aproach on the situation, not making every approach the same.


The decision to use a 47 was not based on economics, as anyone operating a 47 will attest to. I chose the 47 because it is the only option for teaching proper technique. The 22 and 300 do not fly like common operational machines. The fact is the 206 is still the most common entry level helicopter. The G4 was the last machine bell made before the 206.


I know we all have a different opinion on what to train on, the best part of taste is we all get our own. And of course with a 47 sitting in my hanger thats what I believe in. Make sure you don't buy into that " 22's and 300's are used in industry" I have 4000 hrs in an A-Star, but didn't train in one. If thats the deciding factor you better train in 206, as that is the most common entry level helicopter.


We do things a little different at Premier. Our use of video is extensive, on board video recording of every flight, with full audio. I know you can't learn to fly by watching a movie, but it allows the student to relive each flight, and see the difference between the instructors example and your practice. It also helps to show the little things. And in the end it's the little things that make the difference.


This is getting long, so I'll call it a night. If anyone has any interest or just curious, don't hesitate to stop by. The coffee is always on, and everone is welcome.


Premier Helicopter Training

Pitt Meadows BC


Rob Wood



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" Make sure you don't buy into that " 22's and 300's are used in industry"


well i could get into a pissing match but it's late and i will only say this............


"welcome to the fray premier :up: ,


rob is a top notch instructor and i can honestly say, one that i really feel will give his students a level of instruction equal to ours! :)


good luck in your venture rob :up:




aka...well...you know :punk:

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:) Good luck to Rob and Premier.....it's great for prospective students out there to have freedom of choice from such excellent flight schools out here in B.C. along with some of the most experienced instructors in the helicopter industry. Bell 47, Bell 206, Schwizer 300, R-22........all have good, average, and bad points(depending on who is speaking). The best point though is choice for those spending their hard earned cash.

This only adds another class act to what i consider is the "BEST" training available worldwide...... :up:

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