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New School?


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Thanks for all the kind words. Its a lot of work but no pain no gain. Let me answer some of your questions.


I Dropped a question and look what I started. Seems some of you take this forum very seriously. So 269, let me say you seem very bitter, I ask an anonimus questions and you can't seem to stop talkin. You seem very intersted in my endever so heres the basics. I have 27 flight test recomends, with only 3 partial re-tests. I have busted my *** for 3 years to put the system I use together. I work day and nite to provide a top quality training course. I learned my trade from some very talented people, anything I teach came from a lesson I was taught. Guys like Doug Parrish, A-star Eric in penticton, John Kenedy, Rick and Terry Churcott. and of course the guy who had to yell, RIGHT PEDDAL, **** Wood. I think if they took the time to tell me, it must have been important. No I don't think I've got it all figured out, because Craig Joiner taught me some things not to long ago. But you know what I think, the coments from those who have seen my product speeks for its self. Any one who has flown a 47 G4 will tell you about its power and speed. They used to shake block with them at VIH. I leave skid marks at 6000 feet, its a great machine, and for $500 you can enjoy an hour of GSKYs time. The comment I made about the coffee is in reference to the fact I will take the one on one time the students need . You are always welcome to come and see for yourself. Then by all means talk all you like.


thanks again for all the encuragement I guess buyin all those rounds has finaly pain off.



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you must have planted your skid marks into mine ;):D


always glad to help out a brother by leading the way! :up:


that's what teaching is all about ain't it? passing on what the legends in the industry taught us? my first flight was with **** Wood and that got me HOOKED!

i continued to learn from great pilots in the industry: Terry Jones, Don Stubbs, Doug Parrish, Al MacHardy just to name a few........... :up:



don't get me wrong. Rob has proven himself as a fine instructor :up:



but $500.00 bucks an hour???? :shock:

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I would say thats steep, but Im the one looking at training in a jetbox.


So youve flown with Eric... Now im listening :) , I will ask around. I think theres another school creeping its way up to my A list... you have a 206 for endorsements/mountain etc?


Cole B)

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Hello All,


Actually...$500/hour didn't surprise me at all.Modac aviation in London Ontario has been charging $495/hour on their 300c for several months now. :shock:


As mentioned before on this forumn...''someone has money because the helicopter schools are turning out several students a year no matter what the hourly rate rises to"


Thanks :up:

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I will second your comments on Premier. Rob is building a first class outfit and he is putting all his passion into it. Top instructor who is trying to show you how to work and operate the machine as well as fly it safely. As far as price is concerned, it is all relative. 500 an hour may seem higher than other operations in BC, but it is really the value you have to look for, not just a nominal price. Pitt airport is close to the mountains, and therefore you save a few minutes on the way out and a few on the way back and at close to 8 bucks a minute, no matter how you slice it, the money you save compare to a school further away from the training areas is substantial. There are a lot of other positive things to say, but anybody can look on Premier's website and compare, do their own homework and visit a few of the schools and then make an educated decision. What I can tell people is that Rob always puts his students first, calls it as he sees it and is adamant about safety.


bushman back east




I think that Premier Helicopters is worthy of the name.. Yes, his G4 is pristine.. and it DOES have the required instruments! The atmosphere is friendly, with coffee on all the time, but the environment becomes what is required for the proper training as well. Go to his school prepared to become a pilot, not just to earn a license.


PS.. I hear his fixed wing operation is pretty tight, as well..



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I trained with rob before he opened his school. I had never even been in a helicopter untill my indoc flight with him. i still know very little abot our industry today. what i do know is that i felt strongly that rob is a good instructor. he took time to brief and debrief me(not on my coin)and as time went by he adjusted more and more to my learning style. I found rob to be patient but very demanding, allowing me to go to the edge of my piloting limits of that time before he would take over the controls. most flights felt like progress to me which is important with the money meter ticking. We covered transports reqs and beyond that he showed and explained to me some basic operational flying i would be doing if i got my start with a company. I recently went for a quick flight with rob while visiting family and was amazed that his 47 wasnt full power in ground effect. when i asked it to do somthing for me it responded with manifold pressure to spare. If you are looking to get your commercial then my suggestion is that this should be one of the schools you look into while making your choice.


Thanks Rob And Good Luck


The Hoof

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i think it was i am responding to... No Bushman and Rob are two different people . I am bushman and I did most of my training with Rob , including the last 28 doing an operational course with him. That still dont make me a real operator but i am getting there.... As far as Rob's instructing is concerned though, i can tell you he is in the top 5% in his trade and GSKY is a top machine, very clean inside and out. Dont be so paranoid, Premier and all the other schools mentioned here (at least the ones in the lower mainland) are within 45 minutes of each other, maybe a bit more if you drive all the way to Chilliwack, and they all are brick and mortar outfits, all it takes on your part is a little bit of driving and you'll be able to pick the one that fits you (if you or any other on this thread are looking for a school that is)


And one other comment i wanted to make, this time about the coffee always on... Yes the coffee is always on ... but Rob drinks most of it....



truck on...



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