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Tuesday, Feb 14, 2006


'Air One' police chopper unveiled


(CBC) - B.C.'s first traffic enforcement helicopter will take flight next month, to help police spot and track dangerous drivers across the Lower Mainland.


The chopper, dubbed, "Air One" was put on display by police and politicians at Vancouver International Airport on Monday.


Solicitor General John Les says the helicopter will provide aerial support for police operations, and that the benefits of the new helicopter to the 17 municipalities in Greater Vancouver far outweigh the financial costs.


"The $2.2-million dollar price tag is pretty small when you consider the potential lives that will be saved, and the increase in public confidence in the safety of their communities and their streets."


Les also says it should reduce the chance of high-speed chases which put the public at risk.


Both Calgary and Edmonton already have similar helicopter programs. Edmonton police Staff-Sgt. Rick Milne says the chopper is is a major help in his city.


"I know that definitely we apprehend a lot more people. On average the helicopter catches about 350 people per year that would otherwise have got away."


The helicopter's cost is being shared between the provincial government and the Insurance Corporation of B.C. It's part of the same program that includes the bait-car program.


Picture >>>>> http://www.cbc.ca/bc/story/bc_helicopter20060213.html

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"The $2.2-million dollar price tag is pretty small...


Be interesting what the operating costs are. Anyone have any idea? Crew, maintenance, parking, fees, etc.


Nice to know that my increased ICBC rates are going toward someones brand new ride. :down:


How come everybody that we as taxpayers get to pay for, get new rides, while I fly someting as old as I am?


Oh right, they probably have a :censored:

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Heres a thought... the RCMP has had a few helicopters kickin around for quite a while... I suppose when they say "B.C.'s first traffic enforcement helicopter" they mean traffic only... Air 3 astar has been in kelowna for a year or so and befor that it was an L4. Good to see though... looks as though it belongs to the RCMP rather then the VPD.



Nice helicopter but from what Ive heard the Colibri is just a mini astar for the same cost.


Cole B)

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Let's see now. FLIR Ultra 8500 - check, SX-16 and Mount - Check, Pop-out floats and tank - check, comm's, video monitor, and recorder for flight officers - check, cargo hook - check, downlink - gonna hafta check, 2 200 pound officers - check.


Nice quiet machine but boy did they pack the equipment in there. That's a lot of weight without having any fuel in it yet, at least it's at sea level. :cop:

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