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Come on gentlemen, what a great asset! We are actually moving forward in Canada. I think it's a great choice. The 120 at sea level will probably do the job and them some. Give them some credit, at least its not a refurbed 1981 Jetbox or 500!!!


Congrads there to the folks who get to fly it around!!!

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yeah, and old 206's used to chuck blades too, but neither have occured in years.


as for the benefits of buying a new aircraft, we've beaten that one to death before. They're operation does not generate revenue as a commercial operator would, so having a warranty on your side with a top notch reliable aircraft is preferable over the unknown of an old used aircraft. When you're dealing with flying over built up areas at night which would you prefer?


If you look at EPS, they do apporx 1000hrs per year, the aircraft packs on lots of hours quickly, an old used aircraft just gets older that much faster and we all know the the upkeep on maintenenace of an old aircraft is higher. So spend the tax dollars now, or later, you choose.

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