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That's not good!


Look at the policy changes upcoming in the oil industry!


For example, if a corporation wants a twin engine to fly the bosses around what are the choices??? Easy, a Bell 212, thats all!, at $2800 an hour, if you can even find one local!!


I believe there are 'winds of change' coming in the next few years! I got involved with alot of these twin engine questions this past summer with two major oil companies and their safety people.

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wow, there are some guys out there who can still hear after all those years hanging round turbines. :up:


so T-rex, what's so bad about an influx of twins into the market? Do you guys not have any twins in that market range yet? Better get your orders in...lol. :punk:


I still want to call you, but things have been hectic. PM me your work number I'll call you this week when I can pry myself away from building top notch equipment :D .

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Guest Bullet Remington

wow, there are some guys out there who can still hear after all those years hanging round turbines. :up:




Beg ya pardon??? It's amazing, the advances made in Hearing Aids, isn't it?? :up: The positive thing about hearing aids is that i can actually hear the machines again! The disadvantage----Gotta listen to the driver!! :rolleyes:


As for rumours, the latest I've heard, concerning the Sea Pigs is, there's a company outa Winnipeg called CCC, a division of AFFB, that MAY be doing the conversions on 3 posibily 5 of the Sea Beasts for the mil.


Can;t say foer sure if this is real or not! But it came from one of my many ex-wives girlfriends, that is now messing around with some underling in Air Command HQ. So, I'd take it with a grain of salt.


I did try and get hold of CCC, a division of AFFB, but anything has been vigoursly denied, or met with a "No Comment."" The only other way that the rumour can be confirmed/denied, would be to check with the Janitor!! Those guys know everything that's going on over there!! :wacko:

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