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Planes I''ve liked to work on.......


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I know, but it''s an obvious subject for a new post, isn''t it?

Dash 8- fairly maintenance friendly, and decent manuals, good WDM.

Twin Otter- dead reliable, simple, same decent manuals.

F28- lots of test equipment capability for t/s, reasonable access, not too complicated.




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Guest graunch1

Ooooops forgot one more category



CF 104 the ultimate lean mean flying machine. It was also well designed from a maintainer''s point of view. Lower than a snake''s belly at the speed of heat.

Check out a couple of photos I hjust uploaded



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Guest graunch1



B737,27,47 Juraisics all cut from the same cloth. Simple, reliable great comonality of engineering.




Citation II - except the flap & aileron cables

G-II The Whiz-Bang was a great early "super Jet" if you didn''t mind the smoke





S76, B212 lots of room and usually well laid out




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Guest Bullet Remington

Well, I''d have to go with the 737-200 AND the DC-3! As well as the twotter. There''s a reason why those two machines are still flying today!


I like the Rice Rockets, too! Built like a Tank!


Helicopters - the S61 and the HU 500!


Military - The DC-3 , CF 104 and the CF18

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