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Over/under Powered ?

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An old Bell 47 G2 that was a bit on the tired side, fixed floats, flew it off of a Tuna Boat. No matter what you did, it didn't take much to get rotor droop. And it didn't take much rotor droop to get to LTE. On the other hand, the 407 I was flying for while had plenty and then some. They just hung to much stuff on that G2.

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I have a lot of time in a 206L on floats - at low altitudes ( being a flatlander and all)

If you flew it by the numbers it was not too bad the L-1 was better.


A G-2 on floats was a ground based simulator with myself and a certain instructor called "Outo Al" :D


As the RedDawg said anything at + 50 + 55 was a lazy dawg. :wacko:

Landed an IFR equiped 212 with tired - 3s @ 8000 ft + 24 - no wind - ( 10800 DA) now that was unfun. When I got back some said :'How was yer flight?' My reply:"Topping old Chap! Just topping!!"


All you guys who regularily fly in mountains for a living got my respect. Silly ******** all of you! :up:

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I don't know about that: a 206A in some conditions ( cool and low) is capable of delivering 100% torque - with that light airframe it will outlift a B which has the same 317 HP to the tranny at 100%. same with a straight L vs an L-1 :D

High and hot, however, it makes a wonderful gate guardian! :rolleyes:


I fondly remember the A's converted to B's - a powerful machine in the times before Astars and such.


There was a time when it was 206s, 500C, 204, 205 - they were pretty much your only choices


Let's hear from the guys who had to fly a 1000 hrs of 47G or G2 before getting a check on the 47G4A " heavy lifter "

3000 hrs and you might have gotten a 206 endorsement. :D

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