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Over/under Powered ?

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206A's under-powered eh? Okay, then let's get particular then:




2) Cost - $265,000.


3) EW - 1485 lbs.


4) 4 pax.


5) low skids w/fairings.


6) 3/4 tanks (before something called "a range-extender).


7) lift-off over 50' object.


8) cruise easily at 125-130MPH.


9) Need to sling two 45 gal drums of Jet B......no problem with 25 gals indicated.


Try all that at ANY altitude with a new Bell JetRanger out of Mirebel at $1.23M and a more powerfull engine........and good luck by the way.

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You can't tell me that with the 1,000,000 combined flight time on this forum that no-one else has flown the R22. Try doing a +37C with a hefty pax (sorry bro, I know you'll read this) and no wind. Thank god for being under 1000ASL.


I thought the rule was never fly the"A" model of anything...


My new favourite saying. Now that's aviation humour at it's finest.

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Ah Cap- you twigged some good memories there.

RBR - sn 007 was it not. ( AKA "The Yellow Peril due to the paint job)

She was purchased to fly for CFRB Radio in Toronto I believe.

RBR was the first 206 I ever got a ride in. :up:

When I met her it was in Rouyn Noranda in 1972 or 73 with Laverendrye ( Version 1 A )( Marcel P and Wilfred H) flying for SCNO ( forest fire dudes in Quebec ).

Driver in 1974 was a young lowtimer named Geoff Palmer. We had many fun times with my 185 JGP and his 206 RBR.

She met a sad end out west a few years later when a blanket was left in the Xmsm area. Two fine fellows lost their lives.

I have some pictures of the old gal at home someplace.

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Hey Cap:

Here is a blast from the past: Credit Geoff Palmer.


Notice flight suit and bars on the bearded pilot. :D

Howick " Yer *** is a star" Flared jeans and all.




The best of technology at the time - notice 47 type engine guages, old bendix ADF and clever use of fake wood grain on the centre consule.

State of the Art! Practically an IFR panel at the time!



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Sharkbait ------ Yesssireee, that's her. She was a different colour when I flew her and she didn't have the large hood over the panel either. Someone did a "Mod" on that panel also because the original was basically the one from the G4.


She was the first 206 ever to set foot in Canada and that's really her "claim to fame". Considering that and her eons of service, she should have spent her "retirement years" in some Aviation Museum. I can't remember her serial number for the life of me and the only old one that I CAN remember was a Serial #67 for CF-OKN that I flew some years later for you-know-who.


First time I ever saw RBR was in a CANADAWIDE parking lot in downtown Toronto in the late 60's. She'd been "placed" there by an old idol of mine by the name of Smitty Prunner. He'd had an engine-failure right over downtown TO while flying for CJOR and auto-rotated her into that lot and if I remember correctly, it was then on the corner of Bay & Bloor.......and he didn't put a scratch on her between two rows of parked cars. Eons later, I'm flying with him up in Schefferville in the winter shortly after Xmas. It's the afternoon and he says he doesn't feel all that well and can I handle the work without him. I tell'em there's no problem and I'll see him for supper at the hotel. Days over, I do all the afterwork stuff and knock on Smtty's door......and no answer. That seemed odd and I get a little concerned and ask the Manager to call.....and still no answer. An hour later they entered the room and found Smitty had died in his sleep. He had to have been the high-time pilot on 206's in Canada when he died too because he flew RBR from her first landing in Canada. I seem to remember now that he got some kind of award from Bell too for all his time on the 206. I could be wrong there, but it's too long ago and matters little anyway. Blackmac knew Smitty and RBR also and could fill in some blanks her too.


Last time I saw/heard of Geoff was during the filming of that CBC movie about the "ARROW" in these parts and starring Dave Ackroyd, when he was the "Technical Advisor" for that docu-drama. Lost track of him since then.

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On the woodgrain part of RBR's cockpit, there's a big knob to the right of the clock, kind of looks like a mixture control? What is that? Cabin heat?


The knob is a push / pull vernier ( exactly like the mixture control on a fixed wingythingy ) and is pushed in or out to tune the HF radio if installed - the wooden block with the pipe in it on the left side of the panel is the aft end of the HF antenna.

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Guest Bullet Remington





Far Freakin Out , MAN!! :punk: :wacko: :punk:


Whe'd you start dressin like my daughter with those "new Styles"??? :rolleyes:


Grovey paint job on that machine!! ;):unsure:

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sharkbait -------you and I MUST be old. Never thought I'd see the day that someone would ask what that knob was for and someone like you would have to explain it. I still get a chuckle at the looks on faces when I tell the younger guys what the average EW used to be on a 206. Excuse-me while I go and get "4 fingers" of Geritol on the on the rocks. :lol::lol:




Yeah......"new" styles eh? Something like the "new" shoes they have out now for women that make a 5' female stand about 5'5" in them. :lol: Never seen those before.

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