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WOW Volition you have a helluva alot of growing up to do, you're going to smartass yourself right out this industry if you continue. you were born with 2 ears and 1 mouth for a reason, shut the f**k up and listen.


Cole you've made your point.


H56 is a man that can teach you far more than you've learned since you've been alive V. don't snub those who teach ya, you're just a fu*ken rookie. :down:

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Well guys, sorry I didnt really mean to start a war with my post.

Let me see if I can sum what everyone has been tryoing to say: There are no bad schools, just bad instructors- I need the right attitude if I am ever to get a job in the industry, and go visit the school before I decide to attend it. As for where the hottest women are- I dont really care there are hot women just about everywhere. As for beer I live in colorado and we have the best micros here- That I know for a fact :) :)

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Guest Bullet Remington

hahahah, i dont give a @#$@#$ about you guys. You just competition anyways. As far as the military, i'm already a qualified officer in the navy, so yes, i think i can get through the training. :P




Well, well, well. I have to agree with you! You certainly ARE a qualified Naval Officer!! You are NOT, however a qualified Air Force Officer! And, give that attitude, some crusty old Crew Chief, in your lanuage, a PO Second Class or First Class, as I once was, is going to rip you a brand new A$$ hole, the minute you come into his or my hanger and even dare to talk to him, or one of his crew members with that attitude! Don't think it's possible. You may wish to ask one of the now L/Col (Commanders) of one of the Helicopter Squadrons in Shearwater how he felt when he showed up in my hanger, needing a hair cut and a lowly Chief like me marched his *** down to the baber shop. Yeah, I marched him down!


Air Force Officer's NEVER talk down to the counterparts, and especially to their Ground techs! Should they attempt to do so, scarey things happen!


As for the drivers on here being "just competition", man are you in for a world of hurt!!


Think you'll have no problem completing the Flight training??? Maybe you'd like for me to pay a visit over to Portage and talk with some of the instructors over there!! For that matter, how do you know they don't frequent this site??


As for you having a degree, whoop de Doo! Those things are easy to get, anybody that can read can get one! Not unlike Helilog, I to have a MBA. I'm not up to Helilog's level though, I couldn't get the military to pay for me to study at UBC. They did however provide funding for a little university in Arizona, calle d Emery Riddle. Not a bad little school. I hear it starting to get a rather well earned reputation now!



From my perspective, not that it will make much of an impression on you, being a trained officer and all, I believe you're doing yourself a dis-service, comming on this site, crapping in folks pockets and bragging how you have a degree and all! But then again, what can anybody tell such a highly experienced driver as yourself??


Oh, and before you decide to crap all over the me for being in the Air Force, let me clearly state, I did try and join the Navy. They wouldn't let me though. You see, I had hemmroids!


Here's a note for ya, Ensure brain is operational, PRIOR to putting mouth in gear!!

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Vol., HL56, Cole, and anybody that is listening.


Ok, I m' going to be very direct here, but I am not going to be insulting.


1. You are not!, I repeat not going to be accepted into the Canadian Armed Forces flight program without a degree. So if you are whinning and bitching about not getting any flight time with a mere CH license , I would suggest that you take a real good look around, cause there are fellows with dregrees and CH licences that are way ahead of what a low timer with just a Comercial licence putting up for scarce Jobs. My understanding is that the OCTP AND HELICOP, programs are defunct.



2. I personally would accept the position as a sub lefty, but at the pay scale as a LT. Col . Unfortunatelty the CF doesn't acknowledge the Civi hours with respect. But then again I'm in my mid 40's.



Join the good guys! They pay for most of the flight training and you get to fly jets- Yee ha!


I'm to old to join so I can't say much more






and model airplanes!

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Yea, like you know who i am anyways. This is the internet dude!!! AS far as you being in the airforce marching a lcmdr down to get a hair cut!! Yea right!!! I can mention at least 5 diffirents military law that I would have nailed your *** with!! Maybe you suggested to him, and he agreed. Nice try though. Sure November67th, you can really teach a guy to fly over the internet!!! By the time i fly in the industry you all be over the hill. Still hanging around the hangar washing the helicopters for beer money. Anyways, I agree with hurler, nova, and cole too. Time to move on.............fustrated low timer as said his peace. Now after fighting, we can all be friends. Yes, Cole.......I agree with you, i am graftul of the government, hence why i want to join the airforce to serve the country. I think Hurler is probably the coolest, not hot headed person in here. Even got a little chief from the airforce to blow off steam(thinking he has power). Anyways, Nova, I would recommend any flight schools in the British Columbia. Thanx :)

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