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New Engine For As350b2 Certificated

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very good point plinko.


fare paying passengers will come (remeber EC's first flight was just a lets see if it'll do it flight with caution trown to the wind), but the permit costs from pakistan would be soo expensive I'd hate to see the tariff rate for anyone who wanted to just go for an afternoon flight up to the summit. Not to mention all the crazy yahoos who climb it for real would throw oxygen bottles at anyone who takes the easu way up.

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Yeah you're right Amadeo, the LTS 101 sucks!


Maybe I'll convince my partners to convert our "D" model Astars to B models so we can enjoy increased operating costs, increased overhaul costs, decreased reliability, increased weight, increased fuel consumption and absolutely dismal service from Turbomeca.

What a great idea. I guess the success we've had with our LTS 101 engines for the last 6 years was just in our imagination and Remote Helicopters are also in a state of delusion for converting one of their BA's to a Super D as we speak.

The LTS 101 has been a relatively trouble free engine for us for close to 6000 hrs between two aircraft. It has evolved to be a very reliable and economical performer with which we are more than satisfied with.

The troubles you speak of are based on past history that is no longer relevent since the improvements that were made in the last decade. Don't forget the dark days of the Jetranger and the C18-C20 engine. At least, the LTS has greatly improved with time, the same can not be said of the Arriel.




By the way, I'm still jealous of that boat of yours, you lucky *******!!!!!!

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As you may recall we worked together on the same "A3A D's" at the same place at the same time in the early 90's and they were not reliable (oil acidity, power wheels, flow fences, temp compesators, gearbox 4/5 bearings etc.

Also I would like to point out the 4 recently converted Super "D's" have had Arriel 1B's reinstalled into the airframes. I don't know the reason why they were converted back but it was a good thing they didn't have to buy back 1D1's cause there aren't any to be had.


In saying all of that I am happy you have had good luck with your LTS and I can make you the promise that those engines will never fly in our fleet.


I will be visiting your town this summer and we can discuss this topic over DR. Peppers.


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Come on guys...it is the HTS now...not the LTS...entirely different! Or is it? Ummm no...but a name change might fool some customers. I have heard that the upgraded 101 is a good performer..but so is the P&W. I would also say that the Pratt is more economical, and dependable. Again though it is not about the customer, if it was Bell would have surveyed their best customers for input into a new powerplant for the 407...to the best of my knowledge that was not done. If I was in business the first place I would go for product improvement ideas would be to the people buying my aircraft. It is no different then them sliding the 407 type ceritificate under the 206. I am sure they would have sold far more a/c if they spent a bit more time and money and designed a brand new intermediate helicopter. Anyway you slice it the 407 (even though it is a great aircraft to fly) is still a fat long-ranger. 250lbs in the still to small baggage compartment...unremovable rear facing seats on a fuel cell...cramped and uncomfortable cockpit. Why guys did you not make something that works...


One guys opinion



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BAG SWINGER, :up: You Da man :D , good answer :up:


Perfect Track, it must be comforting to know that when an Astar B3 needs to be recovered from the summit of Everest, there are BELL 214's out there to do the job ! :D


And when the 214 (Although I do love it) does not have the fuel to make the round trip the Kaman KMAX and pick up where it left off. ;)

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Plink, maybe it's time you just said "NO" when the Dessert Tray is passed around the Lodge ? :shock: :D:D Since I've reached Bells Minimum pilot weight, the 407 seems so comfortable and spacious now :up: :D



Haha 407 I understand you have a contract with Bell...thus your cool handle and your biased opinion. I am just 5lbs over the min medium weight...so that is not the issue...but at 6'2...well sit on a phonebook and shove one behind your back and get back to me! Too **** cramped! But the Astar...whoaaaa baby different story. Better yet...a 212 room for me the gf and my lunch up front!


Peace brother



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