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on top of the normal tools,


I like to bring,


- my personal MRS survival stove & small bottle (when was the last time the one in the A/C was tested, and did the pilot before you even bring it.)

- spare socks in a sealed bag, plus two spare bags for your boots if they get wet.

- signal mirror and a compass.

- space survival blanket

- pip pins

- flint and steel.

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And if there is still room, add a telescoping fishing rod and reel, and a dozen lures/spinners.

After flying, I love fishing next.

I always thought the peanut butter was to eat, but maybe it was alittle something on offer after a friendly bear incounter!

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ah yes, the ether bunny, met him once, can't remember much. :wacko:


anyway, with the condoms....you aren't gay as long as you don't push back. :blink:



I completely disagree with that statement.

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