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What The #$@%?

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so i call up flight suits to order up a new helmet and the guy says sorry, we can't sell outside of the USA! i am asking him how that can be when at least 6 students in the last year have purchased helmets from them.


is there something going on i don't know about?


is it national retard day in the US?


suggestions anyone????

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there's been some battleing going on with them.


Ryan had a bad experience, see below.


Got it from Flightsuits.com. For what it's worth though folks should avoid them like the plague.


I was sold a brand new HGU-56 with their ANR installed. All seemed fine untill I started having problems with the ANR a month later. It would crackle and pop and then stopped working all together.


Very mad, I phoned Flightsuits to tell them what happened and that I was taking it to a authorized Gentex repair center, and Flightsuits would get the bill in the mail. They said that's not how it works with them as only they can repair items they sell, no matter who made the thing. I'd have to pay for it to be shipped there, and they'd pay for repairs and shipping back to me.... oh and I'd have to wait at least 2 months before I'd get the **** thing back! Do I get a "loaner" while they fix mine? Nope.


With blood boiling I gave up and told them to just send me what I needed to fix it and I'd pay to have the work done in town here. Two weeks later the part comes and I take it and the helmet to the repair place. He says they've sent the wrong piece... it's for an ANR unit but not this model in my helmet!


I go home and phone the Flightsuits service department. I describe the part they sent vs the one it was supposed to be. The gal on the phone (only honest person I ever talked to there) says that the part I'm describing, the part that failed, isn't being put in their helmets anymore. Furthermore, they've not been putting that part in their helmets for 6 months at least and recalling every helmet that has it installed. Funny thing is, I ordered my helmet new from them 4 months prior yet it still had the part, known to be faulty, installed anyways! She put out a shipping order for me to recieve the proper gear this time and I'd get it installed at home.


For whatever reason they decided to sell me a piece of faulty safety equipment, and then had the nerve to tell me to pay to send it to them and wait months on end while they fix it! For the amount of money a new helmet costs a good company would have replaced the whole thing free of charge considering the circumstances.


I never even got an appology.

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67 november -----for you information, Fightsuits is presently over-whelmed with orders and are waaaaay behind on their shipments. Anyone ordering a flightsuit for example, can expect a month and half wait at present. Reason being, that they are also fulfilling unexpected orders on contracts that they have with the military and that has put them behind. It has also caused problems in other areas with regards helmets and all because of recently employed personnel to satisfy all the foregoing problems. The "conditions" for apparel that doesn't fit or other matters is all stated at the beginning of the website and other areas. Their turn-around times now are quite lengthy, but THEY service their items that they sell and that is so-stated by them "up-front". If that condition is not stated over the phone, then that is the fault of the person one is talking to.


Don't mean to be "political" old buddy, but if your military wasn't quite so busy, then the "speed and reliability of service" would be better. Bell Helicopters is also encountering the same problem and for the same reasons. Exact same thing took place during Vietnam War days with regards a host of other items also. Just "subtle reminders" of what-all in this world is tied-in indirectly to the military. I believe it's the "complex" part of the expression "military-industrial complex". :wacko::lol:

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Fair enough Cap... my bad for not knowing that only they can repair units they sell, regardless of who actually made the thing. Lesson learned... believe me.


Still doesn't excuse their practice of selling someone new electonics at full price, then installing defective & recalled electronics into the helmet instead.


Maybe they save their experienced techs for the military jobs, and they got the chimp in the diaper to assemble my helmet. :lol:

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