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Bell 417 Mock-up

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Guest Angry Egg Driver
Don't get too excited people, it's still just glorified LongRanger.


I thought the same thing until I started flying one.Not even close to a long dog..... :P

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Don't mind JetBox, He's actually quite a nice guy, the problem is...he's stuck on this longranger comparison. The closest that he's actually ever come to a real 407 is a picture that he found in Vertical Magazine. :D


Keep on slinging out there Angry Egg, and enjoy.

I still get about 1 day a week on the 407, sure is a treat after herding that old steam driven 212 around. :up:

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REALLY ? Last time I was at Wal-Mart, I never saw any helicopter seats for $5 ? perhaps you could fill me in , which Isle, were they on Sale for $5 or is that the regular price...as you seem to know WalMart so well ?

Do you know if Wall-Mart sells them with a Seviceable Tag, or are you talking unapproved parts to be installed in an aircraft? If they are there an approved, we'd like to buy some, as $5 is far cheaper than any part out of Bell.

I wouldn't compare a 407/417 to the cabin space in a VW Beetle either, the last (new series) Beetle that I was in had much more room than a 407, or are you talking the older style Bug? :D:D<_<

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Alpine was the first civilian company to put HP kits in there 212's. Put the first one in the early 90's. I know when they first sent there machines to the USA they impressed a lot of people with the performance(especially since the forest service still down loads the HP chart with the same 390lb download as a standard 212). I know of a story where a forest service employee refused to fly on the HP 212 because they were sure a 212 couldn't do what the chart said it could.

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ok, the first guy who admits to knowing what the headroom is like in a new beetle has exactly 10 seconds to prove his overall manliness....only girls drive those cars. :shock:


PS...Walmart aisle 6 right beside electonics....tons of them available, but Zellers if giving them a run for their money, on sale right now for $4.99.


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