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I've had that same thought once or twice before, Bagswinger.


Right about the time that I was standing at a bag, trying to wave the 500 pilot above me into position - he was REALLY pushing it to get the last bag out so we didn't have to come back the following day.


The biggest problem that I can see with that is that you'd likely want to have some sort of illumination system on the bags/pins/cones in order to successfully get them picked up by your picker. The issue rears it's head when you're going out to deploy bags...you've got a rack of 4 on (depending on 2d vs 3d gear/machine type/everything else), and theyre all glowing...is that light going to blind you in terms of seeing the cut line that you're dropping your first bag into?


A lot of the low-impact receiver lines that I've worked on are pretty bloody narrow - kinda hard to see in the daytime from the air, and even if you're on the ground they can be almost invisible if it's dusk and the flagging is gone. I imagine Kodiak or DynaNav would help a lot with that, but you're gonna be dealing with a lot of grumbling juggies if they have to hunt in the bushes for their bags.


Then again, juggies are ALWAYS going to complain about something.


I also don't know what depth perception is like with the two-tube/two-lens NVG's. I've spent a lot of time using the single-tube ones, and they essentially eliminate your depth perception.


Food for thought. It'd sure be cool though. I just pity the night-shift bag runners if you don't have a picker system!

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Question. Wearing NVG's do you have panel illumination still, or would that overpower the goggles? (Do you turn on Panel Lights wearing NVG's?) OR, do you have the red lights like on CF boats?


I have a friend that has some, and was thinking about wearing them to do some night flying, I think it would be pretty cool.


Cole B)

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"I have a friend that has some, and was thinking about wearing them to do some night flying, I think it would be pretty cool."


without professional training and an nvg compatible cockpit.... :down: :down: FUGGEDABOUTIT!!!!




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