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License Conversion


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Any updates on this topic?


Has anybody gone so far as actually breaking down the cost (including the hidden costs) of a JAA licence conversion?


Should I hold out for a few more years in the hope that the JAA system will become more ICAO friendly, or should I expect it to get even more prohibitively expensive in the future?



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The point of JAA is to make things more ICAO - like!


As of early 2007, the exams cost £60 per paper, and can be sat at Glasgow, Silsoe, Oxford or Gatwick on designated days (there are thirteen exams. The full medical is £435. The CAA examiner will extract £691 from you for the skill test. If you get a "partial pass" the resit is £462. If you fail, the retest is another £691. The grant of the CPL(H) is £210. The grant or renewal of FRTOL is £63. Additional types are £105 each.


Tip: If you intend to do an Instructor course, combine your CPL skills test with the pre-entry flight test.


The costs for the modular distance learning thingy will be £1950 if all three modules are paid for at once (£750 individually), although this can be reduced somewhat if you are exempt formal training by having over 1000 hours multi crew and an ATPL


Don’t forget accommodation, extra equipment such as charts, computer, etc.


Looks like you should budget around £5000 ($10,000)




PS - Winnie - now have a colour version of pro heli pilot studies available!

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Did anyone bother to ask him why he wants a JAA conversion? **** if your from Canada and you have an ATP and you want to fly in europe, go talk to CHC in Richmond. I hear they are looking for pilots in all parts of the world. Were currently flying to JAR standards in the middle east. Thats why we are getting the AB139. Single engine performance boys. JAR's say you got to be able to fly away one engine, period.




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I believe this is the short version, please correct me if I am wrong.


Initial medical exam in Gatwick, other examiners available in North america for renewals.

Challange or distance learning available for experienced ATPL holders.

Exam can be written in Europe or other designated training facilities in North America (specific dates).

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