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Looking for a hand held unit. anyone have any advice.


Garmin 5 seems like a good unit. Anyone have experience with it.


Functions i am looking for. Ease of entry for waypoints, resonable amount of characters for nameing, accepts 24 vdc, Mounting position for a 206/astar, easy to install/remove.


I've Referenced GPS central.com in calgary for price's and units.


Any advice would be great



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Last year a bunch of us bought the Garmin 76 in various configurations. I like it. Bought a RAM suction cup mount and armature which works really good. It's not an aviation one, no airspace or small airports and stuff, but it's easy to use and works awesome. Got the whole rig from GPS Central in YYC for about 600.



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I bought a Lowrance Airmap 500 for 499.00 from Aviation World in YVR last summer, it's a great little unit, aviation database, came with SD card reader/writer, mapping software, RAM suction mount and a yoke mount as well, carrying case. As for the unit it self it is user friendly, I have flown with it a few times just to get the feel of it in the air (Doing my PPL/FW at the moment) and its a great unit to fly with, another great GPS is the Garmin GPS196 it seems to be a preety nice unit to use as well, the plane I fly has it mounted on the dash, very user friendly. The 499.00 Price is still in effect for the Airmap500 from Aviation World, great service their as well.




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I would recommend the Garmin 76S - it has a barometer in, for those remote places, and an electronic compass, which means yo don't have to be moving. Itsonly drawback (I used one for a couple of years) was that the power cable sits right in the back so it won'y lay flat



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