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Coffee Breaks - Paid Or Unpaid ?


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that's INVERSELY PROPORTIONAL..............large coffee, small salary.Can you do something about that? how about organizing a walkout or something? Like, we demand Starbucks and nothing else, man! and if it's a grande, then we should have 20 minutes to drink it! Solidarity, man!!!!

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Just a quick question. Are people's 15 min coffee breaks paid or unpaid? That applies to both full time and contract. Hangar work only of course. Most companies expect us to stay longer than a regular 8 hour day to get the machine out the door on time, but when it comes to those 15 mins some companies are being a little cheap. Am I being cheap myself? For me it's a matter of principle. What do you guys think?


I know its kind of been a while but, I think if the company is watching 15 mins that closley, do you want to be there. What else are they cheeping out on. Maint? Now in my opinion coffee breaks are 15 min not 30 min or longer. So watch for that. But I think that is is funny you mention this because I know a few good guys that are going thru this as we speak. J.S.?

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I knew a guy who didn't get regular breaks while turning wrenchs (on cars) so he'd get on the creeper, wheel himself under a car, zip tie his hand to a something under the car and then have a quick nap. If anyone looked under the car, it appeared as if he was working. :P Great in a picnh if you really hung over.

This isn't recommended for the obvious reasons, but less obvious was the one time that he woke up and his hand was purple with little to no feeling left in it. :shock:




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