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Landing Pads?

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Hi folks.....


Quick question....


What is the MINIMUM safe distance between A-Stars (BA's, 2's and 3's) to park on grass pads? This would take into consideration the approach (which is straight in) and take off (which can be vertical and/or straight out). I'm also concerned about downwash (machine on the pad with one inbound or outbound). Any ideas of MINIMUM safe distance between machines on the pad and maybe a measurement, lets say from rotor hub (center) on one machine to the same on another?





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should we take a guess that you're on a seismic job and the staging area is a bit tight and you're concerned?


I don't know if there is a published safe distance, but alot of factors would come into play, such as experience and conditions. Always think of the worst case scenario and if you're concerned, make changes so that you're comfortable. Treat it like a confined area in some respect and don't go into one that you don't think has an acceptable safety cushion around you. Parking further away is my preference.


(has alot in common with Walmart parking lots too :D )

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Authorize helicopters to conduct simultaneous landings or takeoffs if the distance between the landing or takeoff points is at least 200 feet and the courses to be flown do not conflict. Refer to surface markings to determine the 200 foot minimum, or instruct a helicopter to remain at least 200 feet from another helicopter. (See FIG 3-11-6.)


i googled and got this quote from the FAA ATC site... could this apply to an aircraft already on the ground with another on final or departing??

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