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Why Kites...

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But there is only one thing, the kite is not nose down, it is nose up, thus shouldn’t the lift vector point up and back, not up and forward?



I can't make a drawing in a post but lets try with my poor English


It works as a wing. The result forces are: One exactly opposed to the direction of the string and another is along the longitudinal axis of the Kite. The lift is the combined result force.



But the string is only a minor part isn't it, and I also noted that if you pull on the string, that also make it accelerate, suppose that has to do with lift/weigh/load factor as well.



No Winnie. The string is the most important part of it.

To ease up things a bit, try to see the string as the engine of the airplane. If you let go the string while flying (power zero)  the Kite falls immediately to the ground because the reaction forces both disappear. There is NO airflow in the Kite.  Without “power” both lift and drag go, something you know from the books.


When you pull on the string, what you really do is creating an increase in the speed of the airflow in the Kite, thus you also increase lift and the kite goes up. It’s the same as increasing power in the engine of an airplane.


In an aeroplane the airflow is created by the displacement of the aircraft and everything else you already know.

In a Kite there is NO displacement (except when you are manoeuvering) and all the forces are a result of the wind. The string, forcing the Kite to be in the same place allows the wind to provoke the lift and drag exactly in the same way as a miniature aircraft inside a Wind Tunnel…  

Here are some of those the 412 doesn't like to see at 1,000 feet 














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When the wind speed increases, the kite produces more lift like a wing. It can''t go further away from you, it is held by a string, so it accelerates up along the arc of the string until the force vectors all balance again. Going up on the strings arc decreases the angle of attack, but the higher wind speed leaves the total lift about the same. The kite is just trying to keep its force vectors even. (lift, drag, g, thrust)



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What the F*** did I just do there?

I put this thing on about kites without thinking. Thought it would only stir the pot of Lu Zuckerman, but no!!!

Otherwise RP: Thank you, I realise Is hould avoid putting my foot where my mouth belong,


To all others, you must all be as loaded as I am right now! Now I''m just thinking of my next thing to stir the pot, maybe the theory of Jigging COD would do?


Speaking of which, the CODFATHER was in town with the sprit of sealand today, as well as an old 206, in slightly different colors than posted on the picture pages (ugly bag!!!). Otherwise, the beer is getting warmer, and the rest of the party don''t like my music choice so I''ll leave the computer to somebody else.

So long and good beer everybody

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OK Winnie, apparently your speech impediment has worsened….tell ya what, give me three of four weeks to get settled in YQM and I’ll hop on a PC12 to YQX and we’ll discuss your dependence on whatever it is your sniffing over a few dozen wings at Reflections. If we play our cards right RDM may even show to share his thoughts.
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Hi Bruised



The kite is just trying to keep its force vectors even. (lift, drag, g, thrust)



EXACTLY. That's how it works





the lift increases, but it must be designed so that, with the increase in lift, the CofP moves forward,



This is the result of the angle of the strings (normally 3 in the small kites) that attaches the kite to the main one. This angle is what forces the Kite up and can be adjusted until getting the best one for each type of kite.




WOW that is a Kite 6.gif

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