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Why Kites...

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No new ride yet 407....supposed to be late August. Ottawa decided they wanted to hang a few more things off it so that may delay delivery to us. Kinda happy it''s happening that way actually...been stressful enough lately selling and buying a house and the movers will be at our doors in 2 weeks. After that look out, learn to fly again!!
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BA/RP: Good answers, you win, and I will not make this mistake again!!!


LR: Reflections, Legends or Jungle Jims, Your choice, Should I bring my KITE?

Oh and by the way, I think RDM already know the numbers of the towing companies


RDM: Did you catch on to the Invitation to share some chikenflippers here in YQX, to talk about my dependency on glue?


To all:

Where is the place I can get the cheapest ASTAR endorsement (Deadly serious there!)

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Sorry to disagree with you now. It wasn't a good answer as you say because after I posted it  I found out that the John Glenn Research Centre of  NASA, yes the National Space Administration, the same one that sent men to the moon, deals with the subject and very well, so I just changed my mind  9.gif9.gif9.gif


Just don't forget to click on forces, lift, weight, drag and control line. Its all there. If I knew about this link I could have saved a lot of time trying to explain this with my third rate English. Providing these links would have done it !  9.gif


Beginners guide to kites



Forces on a Kite


Kite lift equations


Determining Kite Weight


Kite drag equations


Kite Geometry


Control line




Aerodynamic of kites


Centre of pressure


Kite balance and stability


How about that ? Kite flying is a more serious subject then what I thought.   3.gif

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Winnie I think that you should look for a good endorcement. Even if you''re paying for it out of your pocket ( I hope that you''re not), it will be worth it. Learn it right the first time, trust me.

I have the feeling that you''re in the East, so I have no good contacts that I can think of. If you ever come out west I''d give you the endorcement myself, and you could leave the boxtops at home.

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