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Fog Season 2003

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If DJ61 is who I tinks he is why are ya askin son, ya comin back for a tour......?


The weather has been absolutely beautiful "onshore" high 20''s low 30''s everyday for the last week, whew thankfully I have been off for the last ten days and have not moved off the beach. Sportin'' my new thong for the girls up and down the beach


But seriously DJ.......w/x has been poopy, it has been flat with a capital F offshore for days.....oh well tommorrows another day.


Hopefullly I get to sport a new thong i just bought today if the weather is bad tommorrow........I''ll break out the digital camera tonight and take a pic for everyone if they want.......?????

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If that would only work!



I''ve been trying to get over there but you have too many 61 guys there now! They probally find it hard to hand fly for more than 3 mins a leg!


The weathers been great here also, onshore high 20''s low 30''s. Offshore Flat Flat Flat.


You should post the Pic of your thong

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