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The Tin you''re in

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I think that I''ve been fairly quiet on this forum for a while for a couple of reasons, firstly I''ve been busy and secondly it hasn''t been that much fun as of late.

Honestly the amount of trash talk concerning aircraft types is gettng to me a bit. Everybody may have their taste and that''s a good thing. But if you don''t like my ride, or if I don''t like yours what''s the difference? The person that should be most concerned about the condition and the quality of the equipment that is flying is the person that is flying it. The most vocal anti-astar voices on this forum are the ones that aren''t in the things. Tred lightly Lads, we are all Brothers in this game. You need a net and I got one, it''s yours, as long as your not an ***, and you don''t mind that I''m driving an Astar, or should I call it a Death-Star?

Everybody works hard for a rep, and part of that rep is your ride, and I quite like mine, I hope that everybody else is the same. If not then there is the problem.

The next time that a mast shears, or a balde is shead, or a boom is chopped off, or a stove quites, remember what is said about glass houses. There is no picking sides, as far as I can see we are all on the same side.

I will also say this; The next time that I go to work, I''ll do it with a smile on my face, with faith in my ride, and the people that keep it in the air.

Drop by any time, coffee''s on.

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I''ll tread lightly since I''m not yet a ''big-brother''. I only drives the piston bangers yet. I think most of the rant that goes on, is lighthearted "fun" poked from one side to the other and back again, even though there seems to be some slant either way sometimes. I don''t think you need to worry too much, but maybe we should have a ''Convention'', where all of us could get together, get drunk and discuss it to death, and fight for our favourites, and call it even in the morning? Would be a great party for sure.


I know I would win any discussion anyway, cause we all know that the Schweizer 300CB is superior to anything else, just ask RDM

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