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Olympic blades-a-turnin''

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Now that Vanc / Whistler has nailed down the 2010 games, there are sure to be many revenue hours ahead for the helicopter industry in BC from surveying to construction, tourism, games operations to security and beyond. They referred to the 92 Albertville games as "The Helicopter Olympics".


I ask those in the biz: How much of a total impact will this have from your perspective?

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Lets hope so. I live and work in Whistler and the helicopter Olympics would be just fine by me. I'll let you all know of the spin off as far as the aviation side is concerned....Bring it on.

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Intrawest Helicopters Inc" will handle all heli-traffic at the Games. I''m sure by 2010, Joe and his band of highly successful businessman will own a shiny Red fleet of 25-212HP''s, 7-407''s 5-206L3''s and a handfull of JetRangers.


Sorry 4961, but we''re moving in to take over...

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Don''t think that I haven''t thought of it. Do you think I could get a job with Intraweat Heli? I have good local knowledge and could use the ski pass.

I could even figure out how to drive a 407 I think, I''d just cross my feet, pull up and you go up?

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It will be interesting to see what Joe (CEO Intrawest) will do with his Heli division Re: the Games. I'd expect that he'll be using as many of his own aircraft as possible.

I'll put a good word in for you, you know,... local knowlege, good guy, etc.


Joe and I, we're close.....2.gif

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Do you think there will be much call for flights from Vancouver Island to the mainland during the Olympics? Vancouver is going to be a gong-show at that time and there may be a lot of people wanting to get away from it and stay on the Island. Could make for a bunch of hops across the water. What do you think?

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Over-Bite, oops, I meant Over-Talk, well posted, I hope half of what you predict comes to be. I''m looking forward to getting a real money job, a Ferry Capt must be up in the $200 G range now? ..And only 74 Daily AD''s on the 407? Wow,, Bell is really going to have to work on product improvements to keep the 407 under that many/day.

I''d drive, fly or sail anything that #### works on, so no hassle there.


Ryan, I''d expect that there will be a lot of Helicopter work, from your side of the pond, from YVR, media, security, you name it, they''ll have helicopters.

Intrawest stock rose about $48 Million in value yesterday (CTV News) on the announcement.


I only hope that they all get direction from SLC on security, etc, rather than deal with the gents who ran our local G-8 last summer.


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Hi Ryan, Here''s what will be happening 7 years from now............


Tourists will still want to spend a day in Victoria during their visit to Vancouver/Whistler. These folks will like the idea of travelling by helicopter to maximize their day.


Vancouver residents will still travel to the Island by Ferry. The BC Ferry fleet will now be privatized and split. Intrawest Ferry Corp will run the conventional fleet, while Pacificat Corp competes with their refurbished high- speed cats (bought for a song in 2003, remember).

The competing services will be safe, well priced, no line-ups, and good food.

407 Driver will have been promoted to Ferry Captain, (there are over 74 daily ADs on the 407 by now).

#### is in charge of Maintenance on the competitor''s turbine-powered Cats, of course. (They still hate each other''s product, but continue to hug and drink beer together, then fight, hug again, then drink more beer).


Oh,......your years of perserverance and working as a ramp-rat have paid-off....you are now an IFR Captain on the Sikorsky S92 shuttle from Victoria to Vancouver and Whistler. Well done.


Well guys, did I miss anything??????

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